nail it: my top nail polishes

nail polish love list

as you’ve probably heard me mention, i prefer the classics to the trendy. the same goes with nail polish and these are the staples in my nail polish collection that i wear year round. you can’t go wrong with a classic red, pink or vampy shade, and of course, a little sparkle to top off a finger or two.

my favorite brand of nailpolish is essie: the brush is smaller, thus giving you more control, and it chips much less!

the reds: essie “lollipop” // opi “red my fortune cookie” // opi “opi red”
the pinks: essie “french affair” // butter “teddy girl” // essie “ballet slippers”
the vamps: deborah lippmann “shake your groove thing” // opi “lincoln park after dark” // essie “midnight cami”