what’s for dinner?

beef with broccoli

for last night’s dinner, i chefed* up a recipe for beef with broccoli i found while link skipping across my fave websites; as you can see by the photo above, it looks very yummy and the recipe quite easy.

it was absolutely delish! (and quite healthy, really).

this is a photo of my version:

beef with broccoli

i said ‘my version’ because i tweaked it… recipes are usually just a rough draft of what happens in my kitchen.

  • i substituted¬†red wine vinegar for the sherry because really… who has sherry in their kitchen?
  • i halved the sugar and added agave syrup instead
  • i added sesame oil to the marinade
  • instead of corn starch, i used flour (side note: i couldn’t find corn starch and whole foods because they cannot find a non-gmo source. scary stuff)
  • addition of sriracha to the finishing sauce just had to happen
  • a sprinkle of fresh cilantro (my faaaave herb) as garnish freshened up the flavour and sesame seeds add a pop of texture
  • i used low-sodium soy sauce

it’s is definitely a use-what-you-have-throw-together-perfect-for-a-weeknight meal. it’s also very affordable. i bet you could feed a family of four for under $10 with this one.¬† you could also add rice for something even more satisfying!

*new word for ‘cooking’? maybe just when i’m trying to be fancy.

fashion friday feature: erin ireland

this local vancouver foodie can be filed under both {sparkly} and ‘how does she do it?’.

erin ireland

erin ireland definitely stays busy. between building her ‘it’s to die for‘ brand and keeping us up to date on new hotspots with her gigs as food columnist for the vancouver metro daily newspaper and vancouver view magazine, she also runs her own foodie blog: it’s to die for. erin is famously known as vancouver’s canada’s queen of banana bread. her uniquely delicious and partly organic “bb“, as she affectionately refers to it, is sold at commune cafe, milano cafe and ethical bean coffee roastery cafe. try it and you’ll learn the meaning of “to die for”.

turns out erin’s style is also ‘to die for’; she is our inaugural fashion friday feature.

what she’s wearing:

boots: black steve madden lindley boots (with gold zipper and red stitching)
black riding pants: club monaco
black leather belt: firenze leather market (trip to italy)
striped top: forever 21
grey cardigan: zara
hat: vintage (her mom’s!)

her personal style philosophy:

“Classic with a twist. I only buy items I feel I can’t live without. Navy, black, and white are colors I stick to, although injecting one extra ‘pop’ of color is within my personal fashion rules. Other rules: Belts must match shoes, less skin equals more power, and lint brushes are vitally important. Must-haves: black Steve Madden Lindley boots, bold gold Citizen watch, and a hat (hair takes up way too much time).”

favourite places to shop (local):

LYNN steven, oliver & lilly’s, charlie and lee

favourite places to shop (mainstream):

club monaco, zara, nordstrom

don’t forget to follow erin on twitter.