fashion friday: spring makeup trends

neons and nudes

bobbi brown recently rolled out their spring makeup line which is a delightful mix of neons and nudes. grabbing a fresh lipgloss or eyeshadow to add to your makeup collection is a great way to freshen up your look – it’s is a makeup trend that will bring you into spring and summer with pizazz.

neon makeup trend

neon delight: while these neon’s would look a bit loud together, separately, they add a pop!

the nudes

going nude: the nude eyeshadow palette is a definite must have for a makeup kit. the bronzes, browns and taupes will work well on almost all of us and you may find yourself reaching for it daily!

vlog: a few of my favourite beauty products

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am i the only one who has had a difficult time finding a great foundation? let me introduce you to my fave, along with a few others in my new video.

tips for picking out the perfect foundation colour:

  • try it on: if you are purchasing a foundation at a store that has testers, try the three colours you think will work. spread each in a little line at your jaw to compare. if you cannot test out the colours, make sure you can return a foundation. it’s nearly impossible to pick out a proper match without trying it on.
  • go outside: the only way to see which colour matches properly is to take a mirror outside into natural light and take a look. yes, it will look odd but it’s completely necessary!
  • get a second opinion: ask a friend which one they think matches your skin.

if it’s difficult to pin down your skin tone, eyeballing a few foundation colours to try on will help narrow down if you are cool, neutral or warm and then you can go from there.

happy glowing!

holiday gift guide for your {everygirl}

holiday gift guide 2011

there should be something at all price points for your {everygirl} in my holiday gift guide. i would suggest you subtly forward this post to your significant other… 

this {everygirl} definitely owns and loves a few of these items! my first pair of louboutins were gifted from my boyfriend last christmas… my face as i unwrapped the box must have been absolutely priceless! although that was a really special gift, i do believe that the cost isn’t what matters – for me it is always the thought behind it… (i had coveted the shoes for years, and he knew it!).

that being said, i will always prefer to give a gift than receive one – making someone happy is one of my very favourite things.

happy shopping!

1. personalized nameplate necklace, $41
2. apple tv, $119
3. christian louboutin pigalle pumps, $595
4. michael kors ipad case, $155
5. customized rubber return address stamp, $19.95
6. bobbi brown gel eyeliner, $21
7. nespresso essenza espresso machine, $249
8. blasted church pinot gris 2010, $264 (case)
9. gwyneth paltrow’s cookbook, $20