oscar beauty: the bronzed eye

oscar beauty

you could call this a trend, but i can’t do it – i’ve always loved the bronze eye! whether you have brown eyes, blue eyes or green, this eyeshadow hue is totally for you. it warms up the complexion and makes those brown eyes look doe-like, and blue/green eyes pop. we definitely saw quite a few gorge ladies on the oscar 2013 red carpet with their eyes painted a beautiful bronze.

get the look:

each of these looks are really easy to accomplish – swipe your bronze shadow on the lid, and then for extra oomph, drag a little of the shadow under the eyes too. black mascara on the top and bottom lashes is essential for the definition of the eyes. that’s it, you’re glowing!

my picks: too faced natural at night sexy sultry neutral eye shadow collection | m.a.c woodwinked eyeshadow

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vlog: a few of my favourite beauty products

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am i the only one who has had a difficult time finding a great foundation? let me introduce you to my fave, along with a few others in my new video.

tips for picking out the perfect foundation colour:

  • try it on: if you are purchasing a foundation at a store that has testers, try the three colours you think will work. spread each in a little line at your jaw to compare. if you cannot test out the colours, make sure you can return a foundation. it’s nearly impossible to pick out a proper match without trying it on.
  • go outside: the only way to see which colour matches properly is to take a mirror outside into natural light and take a look. yes, it will look odd but it’s completely necessary!
  • get a second opinion: ask a friend which one they think matches your skin.

if it’s difficult to pin down your skin tone, eyeballing a few foundation colours to try on will help narrow down if you are cool, neutral or warm and then you can go from there.

happy glowing!

how to: false lashes the easy way

hold on to your lashes, girls!

starting out in makeup, i had the most difficult time with false lashes. when clients would request them, i would have a little internal freak out. they would slide everywhere, lift at each corner, and never end up sitting where i hoped and prayed they would. i have since conquered the fear (and technique!) and want to share this three step, five second process i’ve developed for a fool proof beautiful result each time.

grab a pair of falsies, tweezers, eyelash curler and mascara and give it a go with me.