beyond this blog, i am also a beauty editor for glitter guide. if you have a product i should know about, please send an email to

i am also a professional makeup artist with 9 years of experience for hire for personal and corporate events, fashion shoots, runway et al.

working with blogs is a phenomenal way to gain exposure for your brand. traditional marketing is a thing of the past; influencers and word-of-mouth promotion will help you see tangible results.

past and current collaborations include some of the biggest brands in fashion and beauty including:

tiffany & co.
moroccan oil
estee lauder
lise watier

the sparkle was founded in november, 2011. its readers are 25-40 with a household income of $75k – $150k+ and are interested in beauty, fashion and general lifestyle topics. my klout score is 66, and my website sees 18k hits/month.


features and giveaways can be created. using various social networking applications, you will receive full exposure for your brand and product through word of mouth and viral participation.

product feature:

if you have a product or service you think my readers would enjoy, i am happy to incorporate items i love into a collage or feature. this could also result in a  mention on my social networking platforms, giving excellent exposure to your brand. please note that i will only review or mention products i love and i feel represents my readers taste. i do not accept payment for product reviews and follow the ‘if you have nothing nice to say’ rule.

the fine print:

only those products which i feel are appropriate for review will be posted on the sparkle, therefore i reserve the right to not mention any product or service for any reason i deem fit.

please understand that due to time constraints and other obligations the post containing your product can take me between two to six weeks to test, research, conceptualize, photograph and write.

please email me for any additional information.