taking a little break

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so, i’ve realized i cannot do it all… well. i could go into the old “i’m a perfectionist” thing, but in all reality, i don’t have time to focus on being perfect… for me, it’s about being happy. (trust me, if i was worried about ‘perfect’, i wouldn’t have piles of clothes everywhere and depend on my guy to be understanding if i can’t ensure we are fed each night!).

if someone described me, i’m quite certain they would see me as “very career focused”. i came to the realization yesterday that it’s easy to look at me and see this because i’m ambitious, but really, i’m focused on simply being happy. working hard, challenging myself, achieving goals, and making connections with others make me happy. i’ve made a conscious decision to design my life the way i want it to be and create my own opportunities authentically.

unknowingly, the process started with the blog, which allowed me to make amazing connections with brands i believe in, like minded women, my community, and eventually, my career really started, working with a tightly curated client list i truly love working with each day. it’s important to me to create a business i’m proud of and life i simply love living. in order to give this a real go, it requires patience, persistence and resilience, and of course, dedication… this is what i will focus on putting into practice.

for this blog, i am going to have to put things on hold for a teeny weeny bit. maybe longer. i just can’t give you (lovely readers) what you deserve content wise, while serving my clients to the best of my ability. i’m also planning a wedding (former brides understand this is a PT job in and of itself), contributing to various websites, and between everything, literally have no time to make eye contact with my finacé at least once a day.

that being said, i WILL be posting here and there and i’m sure with wedding updates, and fun features, just not regularly, so hopefully you will be here when i get back on the not-so-regular. i’ll be all over social media so we can keep up with each other there…

especially instagram!

see you there! xo



sparkles from my week

photo 2

looking back at my fave moments of last week, it seems like i was really busy! it didn’t really feel like that was so, i guess because it was full of things i loved doing like working with amazing people, and spending time nurturing friendships. these kinds of weeks are definitely my faves (not pictured, the mountains of time spent in front of a computer working, but that wouldn’t be fun to see, would it? i’ll spare you the all of the details, but we’re talking top knots, and pj’s until 3pm). i hope you have a wonderful monday, and take a moment to enjoy your own sparkles this week – see you wednesday! x

p.s: you can also follow my sparkles directly on instagram if we haven’t already connected there!

(above, saturday morning at our place means fresh banana muffins?! not usually, but my fiancé surprised me with these in bed, and it was such a lovely treat!)

photo 5

so, sunday, i worked all. day. long. you know what the awesome part is? it didn’t feel like work at all. those are the best days – if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. i was on set for a styled shoot with a PR client and it was one of my fave days of 2014 thus far.

photo 3

rainy saturday afternoons were made for leisurely coffee dates and great chats.

photo 4

styled shoot shoe gawking – those gold spiked loubs were beyond.

photo 1

i always love popping in to the cross for gifts – this setup defo gets you in the spirit of spring!

photo 2

in love with these dangling statement earrings… and the price point, so good! (already planning my wedding week wardrobe, and these will defo be making an appearance).


ava wanted some afternoon cuddles – how could i resist those eyes?

sparkles 1

a little wedding warm up with alicia – super cute and whimsical bevvies at a wedding showcase we attended.


weekend sparkles

spring tulips

oh, hello, weekend! the time has finally come… spring cleaning! closet comes first. i’m notorious for rolling up my pants (hey, pegged jeans are in, no?) but i’m going to get them all properly hemmed once and for all (thanks to my handy mom-in-law, phew for that!). it’s these small things that make me feel organized and happy. i’m officially a senior citizen. sunday will be loads more exciting as i’ll be on set for a wedding styling shoot with my pr client (and wedding planner!) countdown events. it’s always such a wonderful opportunity to learn from creative minds that produce such beautiful work.

by the way, can you spot the new interactive feature under this post? a ‘like’ button! press it, and show a little love, so i know what you are most excited about. i appreciate your appreciation, lovelies!

this weeks faves and a few personal lessons, too:

+ a diy lace veil? not sure if i should attempt but this sure does make it look quite simple (which is usually the kiss of death)

+ love jess lively’s new podcast series about living with intention. this interview with the founder of the everygirl was enlightening! great for something to listen to as you work.

+ i am over on meg biram sharing my fave lip products including a very surprising free pick…

+ had a few roadblocks this week, and hearing the word ‘no’ quite simply, sucks. i’ve made a very conscious effort to remember to squelch my ego, and not let it effect me in a negative way. i choose to see it as the other party’s loss, and move on to try better! basically, i’m letting ‘no’ people motivate me!

+ this vid has had 39M views and it’s a total eye opener on society’s obsession with their phones. i’m guilty, but try to also be concious about living in the moment!



weekend sparkles

weekend love

oh, hello! how was your week? i had one of those weeks that was enjoyably chill – definitely not the norm, and a little un-nerving at first. you mean i don’t have to work until 8pm each night and i actually have time to browse blogs for fun again? it was lovely. hitting the weekend, we’re hosting a party for a friend who just received his canadian citizenship. you can bet that we’ll hit every canadiana element: maple, bacon, poutine, red and white, which is basically a great excuse for red velvet cupcakes with white cream cheese icing and red and white candy, so i may be a little self serving. whiskey should be involved but i nixed it when roberto suggested it for the house cocktail – it’s not exactly a crowd pleaser, is it?! sangria it is, hey, it’s red (and latin, but whatevs).

this weeks fave links and moments:

+ the ultimate wedding favour, such a sweet idea and defo the first i’ve heard of doing this.

+ the cherry blossoms are poking out here in vancouver, and i’m smitten with them. i was able to get out on a few extra walks this week and it was really amazing how much more centered this made me feel. going to have to remember this during the crazy busy ebbs!

+ have you discovered your first tweet yet? kinda comical – you can search anyone’s (including oprah)

+ fell in love with these drop earrings. they’re super cute for spring, and such a great pricepoint.

+ 23 ikea hacks to get going on this spring. i plan to attempt a few myself!

+ a most delish looking creation, savory monkey bread. dreamy!

have a wonderful weekend!



weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 1

happy weekend! this week was a tough one for me. i’ll spare all the details, but i’m definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend, unplugging for a bit, and maybe even a little hibernation? dealing with a few snags can show a person’s character and (after the dust clears), i definitely choose to look at these kinds of times as an opportunity to learn and grow. i  always consider my intentions, and if those are good, i cannot go wrong, regardless, sometimes perception is everything, and that can be the grey area! what about you? how do you deal with complex, and difficult situations? i know i’m being vague, but i’d be interested to hear about a challenge that you’ve overcome?

a few fave links for the weekend:

+ there are so many projects we want to do around our place, and many will have to wait until after the wedding. i’ll be bookmarking this gallery wall how-to for sure

+ can you even believe sex and the city has been gone for 10 years?!?! if you miss it as much as i do, you’ll love this retrospective

+ on the note of sjp, vogue’s 73 question video interview with her is so great. love this woman!

+ really want to try this healthy black bean hummus dip over the weekend!