holiday must: emerald green


i’m spotting a trend! first seen on the seriously sartorially inspiring blair of atlantic pacific, emerald is such a hit of fresh and it’s so upscale for the holidays! i’m craving an addition of this bright and elegant shade in my rotation, and it’s best when used for the fancy, although that scarf is something special as well.


are you inspired to add some kelly green into your wardrobe? a green christmas may be in order!


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poppy barley: the perfect fall boot


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve fallen in love with ‘the perfect boots’ only to try them on and find out that they were perfect… except for the fact that they didn’t actually fit. like, ever. at 5’2, i’m blessed with short legs, wide calves and feet, which pretty much put the nail in the perfect boot coffin for me. seriously annoying and unfair. well, i’ve found the solution (that infomercial “there must be an easier way” moment is playing in my head right now!). so in love with these poppy barley boots!

they are made to measure, and the online process couldn’t be easier. i love the idea of pretty much creating your very own style, designing your own custom pair of footwear according to style, colour, size, width and height. these are the foxhunt boot which i fell in love with because of their preppy style – i like to see myself in the english countryside, perhaps horseback riding while i’m wearing them, but i digress. i know they will be in heavy, heavy rotation all fall and winter long (yes, they are leather, so spraying them with a protectant is a must).


the width runs very true to size – for instance, i usually buy a size 8.5 – 9 because of my wide foot, but i am a true size 8. since they are made to measure, i was actually able to order something in my true size which, was a pretty great moment in my book.

something else i love about them: each pair is not only made just for you but made ethically in mexico, employing artisans and paying a fair wage, 13 times the average minimum wage. i had the pleasure of meeting the founders, and was drawn into the passion for what they are doing; gotta love a canadian owned and run company (from my hometown of edmonton, no less!). they totally have a new fan in me.

p.s: please fall, never leave. and yes, i’m wearing my fall uniform. and yes, again.

my fall uniform

fall uniform 1

i joke that i have certain outfits on repeat… which is actually not a joke at all. i always say i’d be the most boring fashion blogger because i have faves that i stick with day after day, and this fall, when i’m not sleeping, i’m in my camel overcoat, tote, glasses and vampy lips and nails. my wardrobe has become almost free from colour – plenty of black, grey, white and camel… and i’m totally fine with it!

do you have faves you gravitate to again and again?

loafers | coat | bag | glasses | essie bordeaux nail polish | mac fixed on drama lipstick



i always feel so terrible when i can’t dedicate time to posting on the blog. i don’t forget about you! it’s just been busy around here (and yes, i sound like a broken record). how is it already october? it’s definitely my favourite time of the year. i can’t get enough of the crisp weather and warm flavours (and we need not forget a spicy candle, the one above is from woodlot - a local vancouver company – and it’s a mainstay in our home).

today i’m producing a festive fall fete styled shoot (which i’m probably posting about on instagram right now!), and this weekend we’re going to be looking for a new couch for our new place. moving this month is going to make life even more crazy and i’m dreading the packing process so much, i can’t even tell you! on that note, have a wonderful weekend – a few ‘lately’ moments:


my fall it list: distressed denim (mine are from old navy and cost a cool $30!), slouchy camel tote (that i have to tell you literally gets a compliment from everyone who sees it, it’s crazy), and my speckled stella mccartney tortoise specs (they’re new, and i looove them!)


behind the scenes of an upcoming beauty tutorial for glitter guide (these are goodies from eco diva beauty).


i can’t get enough of ava. ever. she’s turing 5 this november and i still can’t stop staring at her face!

fall fashion: currently coveting

currently coveting

a new season is always a good time to add a few classic items to your collection, and maybe even something a little cute and cheeky (i’m looking at you, leopard scrunchie) to your wardrobe.

love gigi new york’s selection of classic leather goods and am obsessed with the tote i have that includes my new initialed monogram (posted about it here).

yes, a “scrunchie”! (if you remember that sex and the city episode about them, then you know they’ve definitely got a BAD rap). they are totally “back” and even if you aren’t into them, you have to admit this leopard one from chelsea king is darn cute.

lots of mixed opinions about watches – are they passé? don’t we all just check the time on our phones? now with the new apple watch, you either stay classic, or you go tech. even though the battery in the MK one i wear every day has been dead for a month (gotta get on that), i still love to wear it. i really want a classic leather strap watch, and these daniel wellington time pieces are stylish and well priced.

what are you coveting this fall and what have you already added into your wardrobe? into scrunchies, or notsomuch?