trendspotting: the tartan scarf

trendspotting plaid scarf

i love a good accessory trend. adding an accessory update to your wardrobe is right up my alley because it means you don’t have to spend a ton to get on trend. the tartan scarf is one of those trends that works a more old fashioned style into modern day, and it really does look so fresh, doesn’t it? ok, and super cozy. perfect for the mid-winter chill, i’d say. paired with heels and neutrals, perfection. i dig this j.crew version!

plaid scarf 3

to vogue or bust (and main image as well)

plaid scarf 2

brooklyn blonde (her style seriously captivates me. and check out her wedding, so divine)

plaid scarf 1

from kat with love

plaid scarf



glitter guide feature: girls about town vancouver

glitter-guide-holidays GROUP 2

you may remember me mentioning that we shot a huge holiday feature for glitter guide about  month ago? well it’s live and i couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

glitter-guide-holidays DETAILS 1

alongside my friends and fellow vancouver bloggers jen tam of her waise choice and alex grant of to vogue or bust, with matthew burditt on the camera, we spent a day at our favourite spots beaucoup bakery (i’m there every weekend), homer st. cafe and bar, granville island, and rebecca bree boutique. confetti & co. balloons added such a special touch, too! honestly, planning and executing photoshoots are a lot of work, but the payoff is so worth it – seeing these shots gets me in the festive spirit, for sure. i hope you find something new to try in vancouver, and if you don’t live in the area, it encourages you to visit our beautiful city!

glitter-guide-holidays SOLO ERIN 1

here’s a peek, but stop by glitter guide to see the full feature, including our interview!

glitter-guide-holidays DETAILS 14

glitter-guide-holidays GROUP 8


fall fashion: it’s all about the shoes

in my closet fall shoes

shoes, shoes, shoes. i can’t get enough shoes, and i know you feel me on this! sadly, my closet space (and budget) dictate how large my collection can grow, but it seems like each season, i’ll buy 2 or 3 new pairs to rotate in to my closet. i’m not terribly driven by trends, and you won’t find me jumping on any bandwagon, preferring to keep it classic, so i can get more than one season out of them. being a victim to my shoes isn’t for me – in other words, they need to look great, but not kill my feet. stylish and comfy is the way to go for these feet! this season i added these three beauties to my closet. yes, they are all black, is that boring to you? i always go for the black choice in mostly everything, so it’s definitely a hallmark of my personal style.

in my closet fall shoes 1

in my closet fall shoes 2

tory burch kendrick loafers (sold out): these were a bit of a splurge for me, and they are already well worth it, since i wear them a few times a week to meetings or lunch. they are called a driving loafer, but i have no idea if this means you’re just supposed to drive in them? if that’s in your budget, cool, but it’s not in mine! they are pretty much like wearing slippers, beyond soft and comfy – i pair them with leggings, a cozy cape or sweater, and a great bag.

zara ankle boots: by far, my fave place to buy shoes is zara. you can always find the latest, at a great price. these have a chunky, stacked heel, so they are on-trend and comfy. black suede shows wear quickly, and especially in vancouver where it rains all winter, probably not the most reasonable choice, but so be it… they’re cool!

zara d’orsay kitten heels: i don’t know how i feel about kitten heels. they aren’t terribly flattering to the calf, but they give you that extra inch of height, so they’re that happy medium? the tricky thing about d’orsay shoes is that they have to fit like a glove so the back doesn’t slip, causing the entire shoe to come off as you walk (d’orsay is the style of the shoe where the sides and top are cut out, revealing the arch of the foot, in case you were wondering). these look really awesome with slouchy pants, as i wore here.

in my closet fall shoes 3

find a few of my other fall footwear picks in this post.


inspiration: embracing autumn

vampy nails

i’m embracing the season, and am feeling inspired by the fall fashion and beauty! vampy nails are an obvious choice, yes, but i. love. them. (image)

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fall denim

fresh denim (my fave jeans are actually from old navy of all places) and a mixed media (like touches of leather) or colorblocked blazer is where it’s at for me. (image)

fall slouchy pants

slouchy pants are a huge part of my fall wardrobe. and don’t think you can’t wear them if you’re on the shorter side or not a size 6 – you can, and i do. love how these are paired with a loose t, blazer and kicks. the accessories are all part of my uniform, too! (image)

ysl bag for fall

this bag is what dreams are made of, n’est pas? in the mean time, you can find some good stand-in’s at zara! (image)


i always forget about the braid! it can look so cute and preppy, and pretty perfect for those days you need a quick fix for second day hair. (image)

fall makeup

how amazing is this makeup look? i love the soft smokey eyes and berry stained lip! m.a.c fixed on drama is a great new vampy lip color that would work so well with this look and don’t forget to fill in those brows. (image)