Spring Things

summer shoes

Spring is almost here… this gets me in the mood to refresh a few things! This blog has been a little slow, and I’m sorry about that. I find it difficult to dedicate time to sharing things I love here, because I get to do this on Instagram and Snapchat (I’m erincsousa!) so readily. I definitely miss the days when I would churn out 3-4 posts a week, but I hope you’ll evolve with me, and catch me on social media?

So, back to the good stuff! I went shopping this week just to check out what was on the shelves. One of my first stops is always Zara. Score! These cute flats were only $35 (!!!) buuut I can’t find them on their site, so maybe just pop in to your local shop?

cupcakes cashmere nail polish

Next up, Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Emily Schuman created this trio of polish with Formula X. I’m SO picky about my polish colours, and so was Emily, thus, this new little collab! Love these two shades, Latte Run (a smooth nude), and Haute Sauce (a true pop of red).

rco conditioner

Mmmmk, R+Co. has literally killed it on their branding and bold bottles. Pretty sure that’s the only reason I bought this conditioner (other than I really need conditioner). Is it good? No idea yet, but the bottle sure is foxy.

My Approach to Fashion

uniform 2

Decisions, decisions… I get a little fatigued making them all day long. This is why I’ve begun to adopt a more simplified lifestyle. I’ve always believed that as women, we have better things to do than worry about what we wear, how we look, and turning that attention to what we do, and how we feel, is really important. Often I get questions about why I don’t fashion blog more… my response is always the same: no one needs to see the same outfit all the time!

uniform 3

The most successful people have a certain uniform they adhere to, always wearing iterations of it. They become known for their “look”, and I’ve unknowingly started that myself. It was all born from my love of classic pieces, which moved into investing in key pieces, and then paring down to a certain “look”, which right now, is all about neutrals and certain key pieces like a pair of blue jeans, a pair of white, white Converse, loafers, riding boots, blanket jackets, cozy knits, investment bags, leather watches and simple and statement earrings, and my Stella McCartney glasses (which are very Insta famous at this point! I can’t find a link for the colour, but linked the style). I buy things that I can pair with many other things in my closet, and only invest in pieces I love.


I’m not saying that this will always be my uniform, but right now, it’s classic and on-trend at the same time, which works for me. I feel amazing in each of these pieces, and I think that’s the sign of a great look that’s really YOU.

I also wanted to share a little self-love inspiration that just gave me a big AH-HA moment (bringing it back, Oprah!). Catherine and her mindful advice has REALLY resonated with me. If you can’t attend one of her urban retreats or local/virtual coaching sessions, please check out her latest post all about self love, and how we can all live a more empowered being. I found it really helpful to set my mind right, and hearing how she practices her rituals  gave me new ideas that a routine doesn’t have to mean boring. She is a beaming light, and full of wonderfully game changing advice.

nordstrom opens in vancouver


Americans, this may not be big news for you, but here in Canada… especially Vancouver, it’s what we have been waiting for! Nordstrom is opening on September 18th! Vancouverites have been crossing the border for many years just to make the trip to the shoe department. I order online all the time, and eat up so many duty fees. That will not be happening any longer! It also happens to be a few blocks from my place… that’s going to hurt my wallet.


To celebrate the grand opening, they are holding a Beauty Bash on opening day Friday, September 18th at 7:30am before the store opens. It’s an amazing chance to see the store before it opens to the public (hello, Instagram!) and to see some of your dollars supporting The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

To announce this, the lovely folks at Nordstrom sent over a few goodies, many of which a serious holy grail items. Cannot wait to try the much raved about La Mer and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I’ll let you know if I look 16 again. I’d settle for 25, let’s be honest.

I’ll see you at Nordstrom! (check for me in the shoe, bra and beauty departments…)

life lately

Photo Aug 02, 6 37 20 PM

Happy Friday! I’ve been SO bad at blogging lately! Don’t lose faith in me! If you’re on Instagram and Snapchat with me (erincsousa), y0u’re up to date, and honestly, that’s where I share the most, so I hope you’ll pop over to join me.

Summer has been so busy and wonderful thus far! It was my birthday (this lemon vanilla cake from Sweet Bake Shop was beyond), our first anniversary, and there have been lots of fun outings and events to take part in. On top of that, and primarily, it’s been work. I’ve been so busy with clients – the business has really blown up and I’ve been having working so, so much.  For the later part of the summer, I’ll be heading to Osoyoos for a mini holiday before the summer ends at Watermark Resort, and to Pemberton for Araxi’s epic long table dinner, and staying at Summit Lodge in Whistler.  It will be really needed to get away for a bit, so I’m really looking forward to it!


Photo Jul 25, 11 11 37 AM

Deighton Cup is a day at the races, and I was so excited to wear a fancy lady hat – thanks so much, Hive Mind Hats!

Photo Aug 08, 10 25 55 AM

For our anniversary, I gifted Roberto a Hudson’s Bay blanket – he’s always wanted one. I say perfect for picnics, and he says he won’t let it touch the ground…

Photo Aug 11, 2 19 58 PM

Poolside content creation for a client – dying over this Barefoot Contessa romper and hat.

Photo Aug 11, 2 44 59 PM

Ava is too much. Especially in cute sunnies (from Barefoot Contessa)

Photo Aug 06, 8 34 27 PM

A business trip for Sparkle Media’s client Uptown Shopping Mall took us out to Victoria for a few days! This sunset was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Photo Aug 07, 11 48 56 AM

Working anywhere has it’s perks, and sometime it’s from a hotel bed in Victoria.

Photo Aug 11, 7 30 06 PM

This oil is so lovely – it’s from Aerin’s fall collection! Estee Lauder is really doing some fun stuff for fall, and I was able to get a sneek peek at their fall launch.