fall fashion: currently coveting

currently coveting

a new season is always a good time to add a few classic items to your collection, and maybe even something a little cute and cheeky (i’m looking at you, leopard scrunchie) to your wardrobe.

love gigi new york’s selection of classic leather goods and am obsessed with the tote i have that includes my new initialed monogram (posted about it here).

yes, a “scrunchie”! (if you remember that sex and the city episode about them, then you know they’ve definitely got a BAD rap). they are totally “back” and even if you aren’t into them, you have to admit this leopard one from chelsea king is darn cute.

lots of mixed opinions about watches – are they passé? don’t we all just check the time on our phones? now with the new apple watch, you either stay classic, or you go tech. even though the battery in the MK one i wear every day has been dead for a month (gotta get on that), i still love to wear it. i really want a classic leather strap watch, and these daniel wellington time pieces are stylish and well priced.

what are you coveting this fall and what have you already added into your wardrobe? into scrunchies, or notsomuch?


summer trendspotting

summer trendspotting

trends are interesting creatures. it’s tough to pin point how they start, but once they do, it’s like wild fire. thanks to instagram, they spread faster then ever, and burn out just the same. i’ve picked out a few of my faves that are everywhere right now, and don’t require an investment to get in on! have i mentioned i’m on a self imposed shopping embargo until after the wedding, for obvious reasons? living vicariously.

mirrored lens sunglasses - a cute and fresh way to spruce up your summer style. think top gun, but psychedelic.

chuck taylor sneakers - love these and want a pair for sure. perfect with jeans, and just enough prep to keep it classy yet cool.

criss cross ring - out of stock it’s so hot (but coming back soon!). i spotted one of these last month, and didn’t buy it – regretting that now because i really want one!

big love ball - these statement props have been everywhere and are almost fizzling out due to the fact that they are so obvious. i still think they’re pretty sweet, mind you.

boxed water is better – the branding and concept sells this one; yes, it’s just water, but much friendlier to the earth than its plastic counterpart. and hey, it makes a cute instagram photo, let’s tell it like it is.

fujifilm instax mini 8 – such a cute way to document special summer moments! i even bought one for an element of my wedding. so nice to have a tangible memory as opposed to the digital norm, isn’t it?

summer faves


thought it would be fun to share a few things i’m loving right now, summer edition! a pretty random assortment like a new shave cream, my fave summer sandals, and a body serum, but they all fit under my faves, so why not?

i found this eos shave cream during a browse around london drugs, and being a fan of the brands lip balm, scooped it up. it’s a bit more on the natural side, which is essential to be included into my personal repertoire.

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the style spy: girl of the week

Erin Style Spy Girl of the Week May 2014 1

i rarely mention ‘press’ i receive here on the blog, because really, it’s not terribly interesting! plus, it’s kinda brag-y, non? this feature is really exciting for me though, because i’ve been reading the style spy since before i started blogging (almost 3 years!), and i was always a huge fan of their ‘girl of the week’ feature. it’s street style meet a little q+a, and i always loved reading little tidbits about peoples faves!

Erin Style Spy Girl of the Week May 2014

well, this week, that girl is me, and i’m really excited to be up on their site. click over to read the full feature – loved the questions they asked, too!  click on over to read the full feature, if you would like!

have a wonderful weekend – see you back here next week. x

summer style: my essentials

heat wave essentials

you may have noticed – the sparkle landing page has had a bit of a makeover, and if you’re on the blog, you’ve figured out how to get here! simply click ‘blog’ in the top navigation menu. i’m really excited about the new look, designed by me, and developed by amanda dietz, who i’ve been working with on my site for years.

let’s talk summer style! the weather started to heat up, and i took one look at my closet and totally freaked out. nothing to wear! my first stop for basics is always old navy! i love their selection of cute things that won’t break the bank, and when you’re done with them for the season, there’s no guilt in trashing them (or donating, which is the right thing to do). what drew me to white, i’ll never know, since it’s not exactly the most slimming! i’ve been rocking that textured tank and white jeans on the regular lately. perhaps it’s because i’m a bride to be, but white has been my jam. speaking of the wedding, things are totally coming together, and i’m going to start sharing details. invites went out last week, and the moment i get word guests have received them, i’m going to post all about them. i digress.

and flat metallic sandals – those are my jam too. i bought the gold j.crew ones above, and am seriously crushing on the birks – who else is super pumped they’re ‘cool’ again? here’s to hoping they stay chic… my uncomfortable summer feet are supremely grateful. wonder if i can wear them for wedding dancing after i’ve kicked off my torturous heels (actually, my wedding shoes are not torturous, they’re super cute and pretty comfy. i digress again – clearly, i’m a bridezilla).

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