The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER

chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes, a girl just need to buy some chocolate chips and bake. Last Sunday, I had that baking itch, so I whipped up my fave chocolate chip cookie recipe… that I blogged about in 2012 (!!!!). I can’t believe this blog has been around for 5 years. It’s insane to me. OK, I digress – back to the chewy and chocolatey goodness.

chocolate chip cookies 1

For this batch, I used milk chocolate chips and salted cashews which was a great hit of savoury. It’s really nothing fancy, but, they’re to die for. Because  there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. Nothing.

And then, we ate them all. The end!

Weekend Vibes

natural beauty

Half way through January… How did THAT happen?!

The days are getting longer, and squeezing a little extra sunshine out at the end of the day lifts my spirits. This week, I received some new natural luxe beauty goodies from LeVert Beauty, and this natural deodorant is something I’ve been looking forward to trying for ages. Most natural deodorants I’ve tried that work are in a pot and applied with the fingers, so this stick format should be much easier to use.

asian salad

I shared my new fave recipe on Instagram yesterday – this meal is apparently one of the best things my husband has ever eaten, soooo, I think you should try. This is the recipe, and I make extra to keep on hand for the week. If you don’t dress the full salad, it will keep for 3 days in the fridge! I’ve come to notice that I rarely eat meat anymore, and when I do, it’s organic. Anyone else cutting down on meat lately?

Happy weekend!

Confetti Popcorn

confetti popcorn

The Golden Globe Awards are tonight, and I can’t wait! This is definitely my fave award show, and I live for Ricky Gervais… he’s a ball buster and I love it. That aside, I thought I would make something fun to snack on, and this White Chocolate Confetti Popcorn is perfect to nibble on.

confetti popcorn 1

I just popped up some organic microwave popcorn (the unflavoured stuff), melted some white chocolate chips, and then drizzled it on top. Sprinkle on the rainbow sprinkles, and some salt. Done! Isn’t it adorable?! Perfect for any Netflix binge watch, too. Which btw, I’m sooo into The Affair right now. I don’t think that one is on Netflix, buuut, it’s worth a watch for sure.

Happy noshing!

The Perfect Hostess Gift: Bloody ‘Merry’ Kit

hostess gift1

I just published this post over on Glitter Guide, and I pretty much love it (if I do say so myself). It’s party season, and that means late night drinking, eating, and merriment. If the party was a good one, that means your hostess may need a little ‘hair of the dog’ treatment! Forethought is the most thoughtful thought, isn’t it? That’s where this comes in. Buy in bulk, and then make it ahead for a busy week of holiday parties. You literally just throw it together, and each element is a little gift in and of itself.

hostess gift

The photos tell the story, but simply line your crate (from Michael’s) with a linen napkin. Spike your tomato juice (or hey, Canadians, I actually mean Clamato) with vodka and Worcestershire, slip in some mini Tabasco and smoked salt, and of course, some greens just to add some festivity. Seriously, it’s super simple and so cute, right?! It’s definitely the perfect hostess gift, if not, it’ll be a great ice breaker.

hostess gift2

Fairmont Whistler Trees of Hope

fairmont chateau whistler 2

I love Whistler in the winter, and any excuse to head up for the weekend and to stay at Fairmont Chateau Whistler is a good one. My sister was in town and joined me for my latest trip, all about getting into the festive season, and giving back at the same time.

Fairmont Trees of Hope initiative brings together 10 local artists, all tasked with painting their interpretation of a ‘Tree of Hope’. Watching these artists work was mesmerizing, and it was so interesting to see how different interpretations can really be. The paintings are up for auction right now through to January 10th and Fairmont is running a special promo so that you an come to see the paintings for yourself. SO if you want to give back this year, please bid on one of the paintings! The proceeds go directly to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

fairmont chateau whistler 1

I know these are yummy pictures of donuts, but I couldn’t resist – we loved the brunch buffet at the hotel! We also took a gondola ride up to Blackcomb Mountain, I’m telling you, I may try skiing again. I was good at it when I was like, 13, so I could try again… right? The view is SO gorgeous.

How are you getting into the seasonal spirit this Christmas?