the perfect summer salad

summer salad

watermelon is very popular around here! if i see hubs eating it, i’m instantly possessive. this summer salad is my fave quick little taste of summer that i whip up in a jif – the perfect snack, side dish, or even, dessert. how many salads can you say that about?

this watermelon salad is a combination of only a few ingredients: watermelon, bocconcini, mint and a drizzle of balsamic crema. the flavours, textures and colours are beyond pleasing. you could easily use cilantro in place of mint, and feta as your cheese. grab a bowl, and feast away – it’s the best.

easy summer pavlova

Photo May 10, 7 31 46 PM (1)

i promise if you present this at any dinner party, your crowd will oooo and ahhh – little will they know that it took you 5 minutes to make! if you haven’t noticed, i’m all about the quick solutions when it comes to entertaining these days.

this has to be my absolute fave summer dessert (or, anytime of the year, really). it’s so gorgeous to look at, beyond simple to make, and delish. i love the mixute of textures with the crunchy meringue, creamy whip, and seedy berries.

Photo May 10, 7 32 42 PM

pavlova can be made from scratch, or, with a little life hack. buy your meringues and save yourself a few hours! i get mine from a good quality bakery, and then just top with whipped cream (the perfect whipped cream has a bit of sugar and pure vanilla extract, whipped in to soft, not firm, peaks) and your favourite berries, with mint for a little colour.

cinco de mayo clean margarita


i have a special affection for mexican food – lime and cilantro are two of my fave flavours and fresh salsa is always in our fridge. i regularly am searching for the city’s best taco (still haven’t found it!), and the margarita and i have a well documented love affair.

sweet drinks aren’t my jam anymore (hello, killer two-day hangover), so i’ve concocted this tasty cinco de mayo clean margarita. what makes it clean? no sugar, and high quality tequila! here’s how i made these that will christen our patio, and will be a fave far past may 5th!


cinco de mayo clean margarita

2oz 100% agave tequila (like patron silver)
1.5oz fresh lime juice
drizzle light agave nectar
lime wedges for garnish
ice cubes
flaked sea salt


rim the edge of your glass with flaked sea salt. combine all ingredients in your glass, and add a few ice cubes (this helps dilute this rather strong drink!). now, go make another and call it a party! (tip: the lime quality is super important here, so when you are choosing them at the store, look for those with soft, smooth skins, and are a little soft when you squeeze them as they will yield more juice. keep your limes out of the fridge to have them ready to juice at a moment’s notice… the best parties are spontaneous, after all!) xx


baking life hack

frosted cake

every sunday, we head over to the in-laws for sunday dinner. i used to make it a regular ritual to bring over dessert – always homemade. those times have changed as life has gotten busier and i do skip some weeks, or, i will often buy a yummy, high quality dessert to bring which is such a time saver, but always feels like such a cheat (keep in mind, i’m an avid baker, and have been since i was a wee one, so it’s kinda my thing).

whole foods cake

well, have i come up with the perfect life hack! it’s a compromise between homemade, and store bought – i buy a basic cake of some kind, this time it was a whole foods apricot and blueberry pound cake, and then add some frosting myself! how easy is that?! literally, a 5-minute sunday dinner dessert.

lemon icing

for this cake, i simply combined 2-3 cups of icing sugar, 1/4 cup of butter, and about 4tbsp of lemon juice, which was a perfect tangy addition to brighten up this heavy cake.

naked cake frosting cake

do i pass it off as my own? nah. i like to think i could do better had i spent the time to bake it from scratch, but sometimes, those few hours are better spent unwinding over a pvr catch up!

soup reset from kitskitchen

kitskitchen 2

a few months ago, i met the founder of kitskitchen, a fresh and local soup company. i was so interested in learning more about the small company and concept, and was lucky enough to try a few soups – i was blown away. we’re all familiar with the condensed variety, and i’ve taken to buying the organic canned or tetra pack variety at whole foods to reach for when in a pinch at home. high in sodium, and never tasting super fresh, they did the job. kitskitchen soups however, were a different breed. the flavours were so fresh and natural (the taste of the ingredients weren’t masked by sodium), i was hooked.


fast forward to now, and a ‘soup reset‘ was what my body needed. my schedule is hectic, and eating right is always the first thing to go. i’m an emotional eater (happy, sad, excited, stressed, worried, anxious… i eat). unintentionally, i grab the most detrimental foods when in a rush, and my body needed a reset so to speak. i needed my tastebuds to regulate, and my sugar cravings to subside. having tried juice cleanses in the past, this is what i was preparing to compare kitskitchen’s 48-hour soup reset to, but oh boy, was i wrong. the carefully curated two-day collection of soups was comforting, filling, and the perfect meal to grab on the go – i even took to drinking a jar in a meeting – hey, it was lunch!

kitskitchen 1

the day starts and ends with a herb infused bone broth, with 4 hearty and organic soups in between. did i feel hungry? yes, because i wasn’t used to a controlled diet. was it difficult to not crack, totally, but it did the trick for me, and i’ve been eating lighter ever since the reset wrapped up. what a nice little break the reset was for my system. i figure that adding a soup in once a day in place of a heavier meal would probably be a great way to regulate both appetite, and a healthy weight; it’s something i’m going to consider.