gold gilded pumpkin place cards

gold gilded pumpkins 4 gold gilded pumpkins 2gold gilded pumpkins 1

allow me to preface this by saying i don’t craft, and i don’t diy. i always find that craft projects are tedious, and expensive once you shell out for all the necessary supplies. plus, you always end up getting carried away and buying far too much – you obviously always need more martha stewart glitter… or is that just me? i was inspired by this post, and knew that, because of my obsession with all things gold, and gold gilded (remember my diy business cards? wait… i thought i don’t diy…), along with my upcoming thanksgiving dinner, these had to happen. how great is the texture the foil gives?

gold gilded pumpkins

i got all the supplies at michaels, including the gold foil. i would say to do 6 pumpkins, it cost me about $20, including tools, stamps and those little gift tags. i did however, have plenty of supplies leftover for another few pumpkins at least. basically, it’s very affordable. the process totally fun, easy, albeit a tad messy, and you do need patience to lay the gold foil just so. a little tip: micheals always has those 50% off coupons – get them with the iphone app or online to save, save, save)


gold leafing, liquid adhesive, foam brush, alphabet stamps (they aren’t pictured but are just little singular letter stamps), gift tags

gold gilded pumpkins 3


  • using the liquid adhesive (this one came in a ‘starter pack’ with the gold foil), and the foam brush, paint on the glue over the top of the pumpkin and the stem. i freehanded the edge because i like the rustic look, instead of taping off a crisp line.
  • let the adhesive get tacky – the package said to wait 40mins, but the glue was tacky in about 5-10mins.
  • simply lay the gold leaf over the pumpkin and gingerly press and pat it down with your fingers, getting into all those little ridges of the pumpkin. this takes a little finesse. once you have it placed, rub off the excess gold, almost polishing it with your fingertips to ensure there is no loose foil.
  • stamp the gift tags, and tie the string around the pumpkin stem to place on your guest spot at the table.

gold gilded pumpkins 5


recipe: maple frosted pancakes

maple frosted pancakes 1

last weekend, i found myself home alone on a saturday morning. after taking a walk with ava, and scoping out the farmers market, i came home hungry and happy. when those moments hit, i want pancakes! so, i whipped up these bad boys. maple frosting you ask? is that healthy? well, no it’s not, and that’s why it’s so delish. basically, you’re eating cake for breakfast. as long as you don’t do it every day, you’re all good!

the frosting is simple, and you’ll want to eat it on toast. the pancake recipe is my old standby, and if you’re using a boxed mix for pancakes, you’ll see why this is much easier, and much more delish – it’s the 2-2-2-2 method! how perfect is this for the kidlets, or thanksgiving brunch? you could even add some cinnamon in to the frosting to kick it up another “fall” level. also, if you have allergies, swap out the milk for almond milk, the flour for whichever you choose, and enjoy!

maple frosted pancakes

basic pancakes (serves 2-3)

2 eggs
2 cups milk
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt

stir to combine – lumps are just fine!

maple frosting

3 tbsp butter (room temp)
1 cup icing sugar
drizzle of maple syrup (about 1/4 cup)

mix together the butter and icing sugar into somewhat of a crumble. drizzle in maple syrup to combine, and mix until lumps have smoothed out, about 2 minutes. layer between pancakes, and liberally dollop on top.


fresh and summery watermelon salad

summer watermelon salad 3

really, can we call this a salad? it’s more like a little bite of heaven. this is a quick salad i make all summer long and is ideal for a picnic, patio dinner party, or if you’re like me, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

summer watermelon salad

i mean, if your mouth doesn’t water at the sight of these pics, check for a heartbeat…

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local love: snackbox

snackbox erin ireland

the online box subscription service has blown up in the past few years and the delight of having a special (and yummy!) package delivered to my door each month is my latest obsession. enter the made in vancouver option for the foodie set: snackbox. each box is affordable ($27/mo for a three-month subscription), full of gluten free, natural, artisan edibles; i love the idea that you can find new and unique products, guaranteed to be a healthier option to the usual. it just so happens that the july snackbox was curated by my close gf, to die for fine foods founder and food reporter, erin ireland. she and i have pretty much the same taste in most things, and all of the items she handpicked to include in her ‘guest box’ are local and all-natural:

snackbox july

if i had to choose a fave, it would be those ‘hippie snacks’ which are shavings of dried coconut; a little sweet and a little salty, tender, crispy and totally satisfying.

snackbox offers different subscription levels, and shipping within canada is a very decent $6.95. can i point out what a great gift this is for your foodie friends? totally unique and thoughtful… and budget friendly, which to me is the best combination. happy snacking!

(find erin on instagram where she reports all about the vancouver food scene – she’s the only way i stay on top of it!)


summer sips: the perfect lime margarita

the best margarita the sparkle

a lime margarita must be one of my fave bevvies and i’ve been known to be a tad picky about them. in mexico i order them with vodka instead of tequila (for fear of a wicked hangover), and i don’t like them too sweet, which often they are at all-inclusives since the lime mix comes out of one of those cheesy slushy machines. that means a list of modifications to get the perfect result, which i would (obviously) make my bf request in his portuguese based spanglish. i’m not kidding when i say i would send him back if they weren’t to my liking, and he, wanting to make me happy, would appease. i’m the worst and isn’t he the best? don’t worry, as a reward, i make these “perfect” margaritas for him a few times month.

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