diy valentine candygrams


oh those good old days on paper valentine’s from your elementary school friends. those were the simple days, and there’s something so sweet about evoking that nostalgia! skip a few years to middle school, and candygrams were all the rage. i remember sending them to my friends and excitedly waiting to receive some in return. i thought it would be fun to recreate the nostalgia with this diy valentine candygrams that i shared over on glitter guide this week!

IMG_2447 editPhoto finished

the method is as simple as can be, and instead of just candy, petitepuf cotton candy make it a little more elevated. love by phoebe created the name tags that can be tied with a ribbon, which i left a little longer for softness. have fun and treat your girls with a little gal-entines love!

the best pancake recipe ever

sunday pancakes 2

sunday mornings are all about pancakes in this house. it’s a tradition that i look forward to every week after most week days, breakfast as catch as you can. sunday means sleeping in (or letting my husband sleep in, that is), and waking him up with the smell of pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen. this is the best pancake recipe ever – our pancake feasts are well documented on instagram and i want to share my tried and tested recipe with you that i’ve been making since i was a wee one with my mom! a mix was never an option in our house, and i mean seriously, the recipe is so easy, you don’t need to go that route!

sunday pancakes

now, i should preface this by saying that the pancakes are not gluten-free or vegan, but can be made dairy free if you swap in a soy or almond milk, and replace the regular flour for gluten-free.

these go best with a side of crispy bacon (or on top, as we prefer), and the recipe for that is super simple – bake on a foil lined cookie sheet at 400 degrees until crisp. no mess, no splatter and the perfect crisp every time.

PERFECT PANCAKES (for two hungry people)

2 cups milk, room temperature
2 eggs, room temperature
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp sugar
pinch salt

mix, lumps are ok, and cook in veggie oil or butter (or a combo of both). serve with warm maple syrup – the good stuff will make a difference.

white comfy bed

now, go back for seconds and then have a sunday nap.

valentine’s day prep


welcome to february! i used to detest valentine’s day and found it really just an excuse for big corporations to sell us things… and i still do, but now just go with it and enjoy as much as i can. i’ve been prepping for valentine’s day with my sparkle media clients and have had the opportunity to be super creative with producing styled shoots – it’s impossible for me not to adore pink. i’ve tried, but i am always most attracted to it. how typical of me, right?

the photo above was taken by taya photography in prep for a valentine’s day pop up shop happening feb 13 and 14 at sweet bake shop in vancouver. we’ve called it #popupcupid, and will be selling sweets, flowers and have a fun kissing booth set up. gosh, have i said lately how much i love what i do?!


my fave part of styled shoots are always the gorge blooms!


roses everywhere – how sweet and romantic are these rose studs from barefoot contessa?


life gets so busy, but i always make time to spend monday night’s with my girls watching the bachelor… and calories don’t count on those monday’s.


ava being her cute self around the office.

have a wonderful week, and i’ll be back in a few days with some ideas on simplifying – i’m a pro at this now, trust me!

the perfect valentine’s day cocktail

Photo Jan 13, 1 36 26 PM

with valentine’s day around the corner the planning commences! i created this fun and girly valentine’s day cocktail recipe to share with glitter guide readers.

popping the bubbly for a girls night in, my cocktail is called the ‘cupid’s kiss’ and is a whimsical spin on the classic french 75 thanks to sweet and fun cotton candy toppers from petitepuf. how great is that sparkly backdrop from shop by taffete? loved the sparkle it added to the shoot.

Photo Jan 13, 1 43 30 PM

the coupes are from chapters indigo, and the copper tray was a wedding gift from the cross.

Photo Jan 13, 1 55 41 PM (1)

pop over to glitter guide to see the feature and recipe!

Photo Jan 13, 1 58 18 PM (1) Photo Jan 13, 2 02 43 PM

my favourite things of 2014

sparkle fave things 2014

just like oprah, except you don’t get to keep anything and no free cars. sorry, guys! but hey, at least you get to snoop through my favourite things of 2014 that have made my year so much better. from my fave snack, to the kicks you can’t rip off of my feet, to the tunes R loathes that i love.

boom chika pop is a costco staple and isn’t organic, but is gmo free which is a must – lightly salted, and more on the healthier side than alternatives, i snack on this almost nightly || these converse kicks have been on my feet non-stop. they pair with everything from jeans, to skirts, to leggings and when paired with almost anything, instantly give a downtown vibe | me, like every other girl (and most of my friends) are obsessed with t. swift’s latest album (listen to ‘style’ and remember being young and stupid). i don’t even try to fight it || the 1975′s album was one of my faves of the year || my celine nano was a splurge, and well worth it – i use this crossbody bag almost daily | this target bar cart was so worth the cross border trip to pick it up. it adds serious style to our living room and i finally have somewhere to display my ample paper straw collection (ha) || i didn’t even know a completely natural mascara existed, and double didn’t know it would be my fave! || another costco find, i love the texture this sheepskin gives to our space (and my instgram photos) || perfect for the market, barefoot contessa ina garten has the same one! love using this as a tote. it’s so substantial.