fall styled shoot

fall fete 6

fall is hands down my fave season. the crispy leaves, warm flavours, and an excuse to cozy up and cuddle under a blanket while the rain pours. jen and i thought it was high time to really enjoy the season, and collaborated with some local vendors to pull together a gorgeous fall styled shoot, or as we call it, a “fall fete”. it’s a little slice of our dreams come to life featuring some of the best in vancouver: photography by blush photography, delish food from cioffi’s market, a sweet cake from sweet bake shop, fanciful calligraphy from love by phoebe, decor items from bespoke decor, styling by taffete designs and blooms from the flower factory, we enjoyed every single moment dining outside, and wrapping up in cozy blankets surrounded by lush gardens (thank you for letting us use your gorgeous backyard, julia!).

it’s always more work than it seems to produce a styled shoot, but it was a lot of fun and i’m so happy with how these images by blush photography turned out!

fall tablescape

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thanksgiving pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie 1

today, roberto said to me “it’s our first thanksgiving as a married couple”, which i thought was a pretty great reminder of how much i have to be thankful for this year. pumpkin pie is a huge tradition in my family, and i believe tradition is the thread of who we are – keeping them alive is so comforting for me. i remember my grandma baking them from scratch for my mom, and her famous crust was always just right. my mom makes them every thanksgiving and christmas, and now that i have started my own family, i carry this tradition forward… except for the homemade crust part. i have yet to attempt that, so for now, i buy the pre-made stuff from my bakery, and roll it out, which is totally cheating, but A for effort? even though my own family is far away, and i don’t see them every holiday, i realized how this is the first of many holidays with my new husband and my new family, and we get to start our own traditions. lots to look forward to!

for those of you looking for a good recipe i used this one, which i’ve totally added to my trusty recipe bookmarks - it was divine. i may or may not be eating a sliver as i write this…

i’d love to hear about the traditions you carry on? let me know in the comments! xo

pumpkin pie

eating local

eat local

i’ve always been a major foodie and pretty active in the kitchen. i started weekly baking sessions at the ripe old age of 10 years old. it was meant to be! for the last few years, i’ve been eating organic, which can often be a lot pricier than conventional alternatives. thanks to big box grocers like whole foods, sourcing wholesome, organic foods has become more mainstream. i’ve never been concerned about eating local… i mean, i would pick the apples from b.c. before i’d chose the ones from the u.s., but i’ve never made a huge effort to buy local.

the local food movement has grown in popularity. “farm to table” has become a real buzz phrase in the restaurant world (not just for hipsters anymore!), and in my opinion, it’s great to get back to our roots and the way things should be.

i recently attended an open air dinner hosted by tourism abbotsford for their circle farm tour program (which i wrote about, here). we dined on fully local, mostly organic fare alongside the local farmers and growers who produced the ingredients and learned about their processes and the care they take for the animals and plants they grow and harvest. for them, it’s a passion project, and it’s not done for the glamour or money. i was truly inspired and felt reinvigorated to make a commitment to choosing local whenever possible… it was then that i realized how important supporting our local farmers who are honouring the food systems and nourishment they provide to the public.

i encourage you, no matter what city you live in, to check out your local programs and farms outside of the city. consider touring farms, and picking up your produce and meats direct for the farms whenever you can! it also makes for a fun day out of the city, and a unique activity.

do you try to eat local? is it something that is important to you?


velvety beet risotto

beet risotto

what does one make with a big beet costco buy? beet risotto, of course! i seriously adore risotto, but it can be a bit of an undertaking time wise. a fan of quick meals at the end of my day, risotto means sitting with your wooden spoon in use the entire cooking process, but when it’s done, (usually takes 45 minutes), it’s so, so worth it. i can’t think of a better meal to ring in fall with.

i used this martha stewart recipe, and the great thing about any good risotto recipe is that it gives you an excuse to open a bottle of white wine. i finished this with asiago instead of parm, because it’s what i had in my fridge. i’m also partial to a mushroom lemon version, but you can’t go wrong. i could honestly eat it every night. enjoy!

super simple dinner salad

easy salad idea

long, busy days can only mean one thing: cooking isn’t going to happen at the end of one! easy meals are my fave. and when i say easy, i mean those that take less than 5 minutes to make, and do not include an oven, or result in any dirty dishes.

this quick little salad is my absolute go to all year long. it’s such a cinch to throw together, and it’s filling, meat-free and satisfying. whenever possible, i like to go organic. gmo’s scare me, and yes, the organic route costs a bit more, but for my husband and i, it makes sense.

actually, this little salad is a perfect first course for a dinner party because it’s pretty, clever and simple, no? it’s almost silly to describe the ingredients and steps, but here goes:

halve an avocado, sprinkle with a little salt, add halved bocconcini cheese, and cherry tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper (i prefer maldon salt for finishing as it’s more of a delicate flavour), drizzle some of your best olive oil, and balsamic crema (find this at your specialty grocer – it’s sweet and tangy, almost syrupy). done!

it’s the perfect snack or light dinner – enjoy!