decorating with peonies


it’s official, peony season has arrived! wait, how did you know? oh, instagram you say? yes, it’s definitely the quickest way to tell the lovely flower is in season… simply scroll through your instagram feed to see everyone going gaga over the blooms.


i had to buy a few for my house, and i always like to separate the bunch, and keep a few in different rooms. these white delights are sitting on my desk and on my dressing table, they smell lovely. i’m such a fan of a simple mason jar for smaller arrangements, and never like to get to fussy with arranging them – natural is best! i get mine at whole foods – they’re usually a great price (possibly the only thing at whole foods that has a reasonable price tag).

i can’t wait to show you my wedding invites here on the blog later this week – i think you’ll love them as much as i do. x




the sparkle holiday 2013 gift list: local love

the sparkle gift guide 2013 vancouver locals

ok, so i lied just a little bit. i said that the gift guide last week would be my only, but i really wanted to include some of my local faves in on the action! blogs focus so much on internet shopping, that it’s easy to forget that some great gifts are found right in our own city, in my case, vancouver. some of my local faves are online shops founded by ladies in my area, and some are the fave boutiques i frequent, that i can always find a great gift at. these are a few things i would love to find under my tree, in place of a lump of coal, this christmas!

gorjana gold cuff + gorjana cheetah pouch clutch from shut up i love this | gold foil heart print from kardz kouture | may lindstrom the honey mud cleansing silk + the treatment duo from eco diva beauty | vita fede mini titan crystal bracelet (literally obsessed with getting one!) + sydney even ‘love’ ring, from beautybar | tassel garland, from confetti & co. | dcl glycolic pads + eminence organics probiotic mask from eternal skin care

DIY confetti and beauty stuffed christmas poppers

beauty confetti poppers

talk about festive! my gf megan and i created these super cute and unique diy confetti beauty poppers for glitter guide, a spin on those traditional christmas crackers, and the outcome was a whole lotta sparkle! i love this idea, and honestly, it isn’t hard at all. if you aren’t into gold (you better just turn around now), use any colour you like! you could stuff them with whatever you prefer – of course, had to fill them with beauty goodies! add a place card, and these are perfect on your tablescape.  they are also perfect for a gift – make a batch, and keep them on hand throughout the season. enjoy!

beauty confetti poppers 2

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my office: a sneak peek

sparkle officex

you probably remember me saying that i recently gave my office an overhaul – well, here’s the (semi) finished product! i find so much office styling inspiration seeing others’ office spaces, and i snapped these pics a few days ago to share with you. the space isn’t completed, but here’s a little sneak peek. i love that i’m surrounded by pretty things, and it makes for a much more enjoyable working experience, especially since when you work alone from home, it can get a little lonely. i have special photos (my bf and i on our last trip to mexico, love notes, my bff’s baby girl wearing her first pair of shoes that i bought for her), cards given to me from loved ones, and a pretty glass of water (it’s easier to stay hydrated throughout the day if you make it a bit of an experience) to make the space feel special, warm and reflective of my personal style. oh, and of course, stacks of magazines i’ve never read. typical me.

i mentioned most of these items in this post, so browse and see if something here might work for you, too! full office shoot coming in the new year.

sparkle office 2x

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in my office: a new setup

in my office

setting up an office for a small business can be daunting. because i’ve recently launched my own company, my old desk set up just didn’t work. i was using a console table as a desk, which was pretty, but hindered my productivity – i often chose to forgo working at my desk to stay on the couch with my laptop. for both my new, and old set up, much of it was purchased at ikea, but thankfully, you can’t really tell. i am just in the process of setting up, and i will make sure to share photos of the completely re-done space when it’s ready for visitors! (here’s what it looks like right now)

desk – a nice big work space is so important to really feel like you can spread out and dig in. this is a super cheap option that is stylish (it’s white lacquer). you may notice there is no storage. thank gosh for file cabinets! (and, look out for a hack, coming soon).

shelves – hanging shelves over the desk gives a space to put your books, display your pretty things and of course, a place to stack all of your old mags (or maybe that’s just me). i have two over my desk.

pen – a white pen is kinda something that needs to happen.

file cabinet – it’s nothing fancy, but stores all that unsightly mess – i’m not the best about keeping things behind the scenes meticulous, so a ton of drawers must happen.

desk lamp – any time i’m working late, my bf will remind me to turn on my lamp. it’s amazing how much this heps cut strain on my eyes, that’s for sure.

filofax – this is old fashioned, yet if you ask me, the smartest way to keep track of appointments. i get so tired of digital life, and putting a pen to paper keeps me feeling grounded. i keep my schedule, to-do list, and all of my clients project management in this baby.

note pad – i use this cute little note pad to keep running lists, or just as scrap paper.

cocoa and hearts painting – i love my cocoa and hearts. it adds such a nice touch of color.

stickers – i love to seal my envelopes with love. gold love, even better.

the chair – more white! i bought this chair a year ago, and i’m probably going to replace it soon, but for now, it works.

gold pouf – this is perfect as a foot stool while working. it adds such a nice feel to the office, too. i get a lot of questions about where to get one, and you’ll never guess where? ebay!

how do you back up your files? i am using an external hard drive because i just don’t trust apple’s ‘time machine’. any tips i should know about?

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