fall styled shoot

fall fete 6

fall is hands down my fave season. the crispy leaves, warm flavours, and an excuse to cozy up and cuddle under a blanket while the rain pours. jen and i thought it was high time to really enjoy the season, and collaborated with some local vendors to pull together a gorgeous fall styled shoot, or as we call it, a “fall fete”. it’s a little slice of our dreams come to life featuring some of the best in vancouver: photography by blush photography, delish food from cioffi’s market, a sweet cake from sweet bake shop, fanciful calligraphy from love by phoebe, decor items from bespoke decor, styling by taffete designs and blooms from the flower factory, we enjoyed every single moment dining outside, and wrapping up in cozy blankets surrounded by lush gardens (thank you for letting us use your gorgeous backyard, julia!).

it’s always more work than it seems to produce a styled shoot, but it was a lot of fun and i’m so happy with how these images by blush photography turned out!

fall tablescape

see more over on glitter guide today. hover over the images to pin as you please!

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#gsd: behind the scenes of my business

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i’ve always been a huge fan of meg biram’s #GSD column (that’s short for ‘get shit done’!) – i always love learning about the behind the scenes of a business, and i’m so excited to be featured there today! keep reading below for part of my interview, and then click over to meg’s site to read on about the apps, programs and tricks i use to balance my business, blog, writing for glitter guide and personal life!


Not only is Erin the blogger behind The Sparkle, she also founded Sparkle Media, and is a beauty editor at Glitter Guide.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I would love to say that there is a typical day, but there really isn’t! Most often I wake up around 7am, skip the gym sesh I planned on, grab my phone to check emails (and Instagram) feverishly in case there is anything urgent from clients I need to fire off right away. Then if I don’t have any morning meetings, I’ll grab coffee and head to my desk in my PJ’s which never gets old when you work from a home office — I love not having to rush through a morning beauty routine every morning!

Once at my desk, I respond to emails, and start working on my client tasks for the day which I set in Todoist — this can include social media, marketing plans, blog posts, research for styled shoots, website design, among other things. There’s always plenty of writing during my day (press releases, blog posts, content) which I prefer to break up throughout the day so my creativity stays fresh. I’ll also go visit my clients to grab photos, talk strategy and meet with peers for lunch or coffee. I try to walk Ava (my pup) every day and eat a proper breakfast, but that can oftentimes get overlooked!

white office

What parts of your work do you love?

I enjoy the creative elements like prepping for and styling shoots and throwing client events. I LOVE to throw a good party that pays off for a client while giving the guests an experience — so rewarding. That said, working with entrepreneurs to grow their business is the reason I started my company. It’s so rewarding to make a difference to a business owners bottom line or help them define their path.

What parts of your work/business do you dislike?

Invoicing, bank visits, and creating high level media plans just because they can be overwhelming to dig into, but a lot of fun once you actually get into the meat of them. News releases aren’t the fun part of the job either!

What things do you have to do that you didn’t realize going into The Sparkle and being a Beauty Editor at Glitter Guide?

How important consistency is — that means you have to write and do the job even when you really don’t want to. Yes, I’m writing about my passions on my blog and for Glitter Guide, but you’re not always feeling inspired to share inspiration for others, which is ultimately what content creation is all about.

What are some interesting things people probably don’t know behind the scenes of your work?

That I love to work on the couch in my PJ’s whenever I can. When people say they get so much more done when they dress the part, fair enough, but I’m most productive when I’m comfy.

Also, probably the number of times I check Instagram — it’s embarrassing but essential; when you’re running various clients accounts, you’re always in and out of that app!

desk scene

What type of calendar do you keep?

It’s a bit multidimensional and it’s been a challenge to come up with the perfect system. For my company, we use a master Google calendar that includes stat holidays, fashion weeks, local happenings, and upcoming client events which my coordinator manages. Personally, I use a daytimer style written calendar that I keep on my desk. I detest the iPhone calendar apps (no. more. typing.) and prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper method to keep my calendar.

How do you plan out your calendar?

I would love to say I am always 100% on top of blocking off time for each task, but that’s not true. I have gotten really good at looking at my tasks for the day and understanding how much time each will take and what’s realistic. As for appointments and business events, I keep them in my paper calendar which I update when I get home everyday as needed, and note them in my iPhone notes app when I’m on the go to move to paper later. I try to leave Monday as an in-office day allowing me to prep my week, Tuesday is the day my coordinator works with me, and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I take meetings and do business/client/blog related errands or shoots.

desk scene

How do you organize and tackle your to-do list?

Todoist! It’s a web program and app that has changed how I work! It is super intuitive and allows me to break down my lists by client, personal, etc. and keeps you honest with an email each morning reminding you of what’s coming up for the day! It’s also a great collaborative tool as it allows me to assign tasks to team members and the app notifies you when they’ve checked things off their lists. It’s the only tool I use for my lists and sure beats the random pieces of paper I had floating around … except for the grocery list, of course. On the go, I use Notes on my iPhone and move them into their final destination when I’m back at my desk.

read the rest, here!


the sparkle office

oh hi! just popping in to say hello – i haven’t forgotten about you! i’m here… at my desk… lots of late nights working because days are full of meetings. we also made our first big decision as a married couple, and are moving, which i’m really, really excited about. i’ve been in our current place for 6 years, and as we prepare for kiddos (eeeek, yes, seriously), we’ve decided to move into a more kid friendly spot. we’re still downtown dwellers, thank goodness. unfortunately, moving means packing… not looking forward to that part at ALL.

i have a fun post coming up on wednesday - until then, my friends! xx

decorating with peonies


it’s official, peony season has arrived! wait, how did you know? oh, instagram you say? yes, it’s definitely the quickest way to tell the lovely flower is in season… simply scroll through your instagram feed to see everyone going gaga over the blooms.


i had to buy a few for my house, and i always like to separate the bunch, and keep a few in different rooms. these white delights are sitting on my desk and on my dressing table, they smell lovely. i’m such a fan of a simple mason jar for smaller arrangements, and never like to get to fussy with arranging them – natural is best! i get mine at whole foods – they’re usually a great price (possibly the only thing at whole foods that has a reasonable price tag).

i can’t wait to show you my wedding invites here on the blog later this week – i think you’ll love them as much as i do. x




the sparkle holiday 2013 gift list: local love

the sparkle gift guide 2013 vancouver locals

ok, so i lied just a little bit. i said that the gift guide last week would be my only, but i really wanted to include some of my local faves in on the action! blogs focus so much on internet shopping, that it’s easy to forget that some great gifts are found right in our own city, in my case, vancouver. some of my local faves are online shops founded by ladies in my area, and some are the fave boutiques i frequent, that i can always find a great gift at. these are a few things i would love to find under my tree, in place of a lump of coal, this christmas!

gorjana gold cuff + gorjana cheetah pouch clutch from shut up i love this | gold foil heart print from kardz kouture | may lindstrom the honey mud cleansing silk + the treatment duo from eco diva beauty | vita fede mini titan crystal bracelet (literally obsessed with getting one!) + sydney even ‘love’ ring, from beautybar | tassel garland, from confetti & co. | dcl glycolic pads + eminence organics probiotic mask from eternal skin care