The Perfect Hostess Gift: Bloody ‘Merry’ Kit

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I just published this post over on Glitter Guide, and I pretty much love it (if I do say so myself). It’s party season, and that means late night drinking, eating, and merriment. If the party was a good one, that means your hostess may need a little ‘hair of the dog’ treatment! Forethought is the most thoughtful thought, isn’t it? That’s where this comes in. Buy in bulk, and then make it ahead for a busy week of holiday parties. You literally just throw it together, and each element is a little gift in and of itself.

hostess gift

The photos tell the story, but simply line your crate (from Michael’s) with a linen napkin. Spike your tomato juice (or hey, Canadians, I actually mean Clamato) with vodka and Worcestershire, slip in some mini Tabasco and smoked salt, and of course, some greens just to add some festivity. Seriously, it’s super simple and so cute, right?! It’s definitely the perfect hostess gift, if not, it’ll be a great ice breaker.

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The Perfect Holiday Hostess Gift

christmas giveaway

Decorating the tree has always been an epic part of the holiday season growing up, and now with my husband, it’s something we savour each holiday. Christmas trees are significant to us – Roberto made one for me and proposed in front of it, and we always get a new special ornament each year that signifies another year gone by.

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This year, I’m all about giving that little piece of tradition to my friends! My hostess gift, or take away party gift, is a pretty ornament with a little hand written tag. It’s such a nice way to gift a memory and I love the idea that my friend will hang something on their tree year after year. How’s that for sentimental?!

Calligraphy: Love by Phoebe | Ornaments: The Cross Decor and Design | Photos: Tracey Ayton

wrapping the perfect gift

christmas wrapping 2

I’ve always been obsessed with wrapping the perfect gift. I like to think it’s in my DNA. Growing up, my mom would take so much pride in wrapping the perfect gift, spending hours wrapping our prezzies over the Christmas season, and placing them under the tree just so – each was a work of art with the perfect bows, and metallic paper. Back then, I always thought it was so much effort for us to just rip open, but they were really part of our holiday decor all season long!

Creating a pretty package, after all, really is part of the fun, and part of the gift itself!

I’ve really created a theme in our wrapping this year, and have worked with black and white ribbon (a LOT, if you’ve seen it all over my Instagram, I’m sorry – I just can’t get enough!), neutral paper, and some sparkle. OK, so I’m not the craftiest person, buuuut, these DIY glitter initial tags are ones i can get behind. Basically, because it means I get to cover something in glitter, which lights up my life.

christmas wrapping 1

So, here’s how it goes…

Get a wood initial, grab a glue stick, cover the wood in the glue, and then dip it in glitter, pressing it on, and shaking off the excess. I like to do this on a plate to avoid finding scattered glitter until next summer. I love this larger champagne glitter, because it’s a little less over the top than the really glitzy stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with glitz.

And, that’s it. I tie it onto my ribbon bow with a short, non-descript skinny ribbon or string.

christmas tree 1

Happy wrapping!

Vintage Paper Garland Workshop

vintage paper garland

So, DIY’s and I do NOT mix! I’m not the craftiest person around, but luckily, I have some pretty crafty friends! Eva de Viveiros and I are hosting this fun Vintage Paper Garland holiday themed workshop at Barefoot Contessa Boutique on December 1st!

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I would love love love to have you join us. There are only a small amount of tickets, and even fewer that are left, so get one, and treat a friend to a fun evening of crafting, cocktails, nibbles and merriment. We’re going to have FUN!

Grab your ticket, here and join me!