how to clean makeup brushes


oh, hello! i’m putting on my makeup artist and beauty editor hat to share this recent editorial i produced for glitter guide, all in the name of spring cleaning! now, let’s be real here… how often do you wash your makeup brushes? do you know how to clean makeup brushes? i literally ask my friends and family this all the time, and then proceed to shame them into washing them as i watch. but really, it’s just SO terrible for our pores to run our dirty brushes across our faces every day. you know those tiny white bumps that appear on our eyelids? melia… well, those are clogged pores caused by dirt and oil. completely preventable! same goes for nasty bumps and pimples – dirty brushes can contribute to breakouts! luckily, the fix is easy.

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wash those brushes! once a month, get them all cleaned up. here’s how:

products you’ll need:
  • baby shampoo (it’s gentle yet effective)—i used Live Clean
  • running water
  • clean towel for drying
  • rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

brush before

1) Wet brush. Keeping the tip of the brush pointed down, apply shampoo from the palm of your hand onto the brush. Swirl the bristles around in your hand, then rinse thoroughly.

wash brushes 3

2) Repeat the above process until the water runs clear.

wash brushes 2

3) Squeeze the excess water out of the brush.

4) Lightly spritz the damp brush with rubbing alcohol (70% at least) to eradicate any lingering germs.

last step

5) Lay brush flat on a clean towel to dry overnight. (Tip: Never stand the brushes upright to dry. Water will leak into the handle and loosen the glue, causing the brush to eventually break.)

Investing in good brushes and taking care of them will ensure they last for years – i’ve had many of mine for 10+ years, and i use them daily.


diy lemon lavender body scrub

lemon lavender scrub 4

make at home body scrubs are super simple, and there’s absolutely no need to splurge on something so easy to make yourself! over on glitter guide, i created this lemon lavender sugar body scrub that i keep in the shower, and a little bowl beside the sink to fragrance and soften my hands after cooking or cleaning.

lemon lavender scrub 9

lemon lavender sugar body scrub

  • ¼ cup raw sugar
  • ¼ cup coarse salt
  • 3 tablespoons melted coconut oil
  • lemon zest
  • a few drops lavender oil

lemon lavender scrub 7


Mix all ingredients together. Once thoroughly combined, spoon scrub into a pretty jar. Seal tightly and use for up to one month. Personalize this scrub by swapping out lavender for your favorite scent. A bigger batch makes a great gift!

lemon lavender scrub 3

nars new blushes for spring

nars dual blush 1

even for us on the westcoast, it’s been unseasonable sunny, dry, and balmy… so when comparing it to everywhere else, we’re completely feeling like spring here! this may really tick you off if you’re still covered in snow, but fear not, because the end is near!

nars dual blush

but hey, if you can’t wait, fake it until you make it, right? get into the spring swing with a new blush and highlighter, that’s what i say. i am absolutely a huge fan of nars, and if you’re a longtime reader of this blog, that’s no secret. their newest cheek treatment (it’s totally not even accurate to call it a blush, that’s how good/versatile it is) is next level. applied wet or dry, nars dual intensity blush is a silky and subtle wash of colour that looks effortless when you build it. the color range is totally on point as well – which another huge reason i’m such a fan of the brand, their color game is always on point, especially for mid to darker skin tones, like mine. the shades you see here are jubilation (a duo of gold and bronze, think j-lo on the red carpet) and adoration (hot pink and a complementary coral), both are phenomenal.

nars dual blush 2

my day-to-day foundation is the pure radiant tinted moisturizer, i love the light coverage, built in spf, and glow it gives me. lately, because of my laser treatments leaving me red, i’ve been using this fuller coverage foundation; if you like a full coverage, this is going to be your jam. stays on all day, and is weightless, comfortable and hugely pigmented. thankful i have it to get me through my entire laser process!

my skin journey: fractional laser treatments

Photo Feb 15, 4 14 30 PM

oh that elusive perfect complexion. we spend hundreds each year in search of that airbrushed perfection we see in print. i have been no different, and because of this blog and my position as a beauty editor at glitter guide, i try out more products than most, with no goal other than ensuring it’s good enough to recommend.

i’ve struggled with spots and acne scarring for 15 years, and after a very severe bout of acne in my early 20′s, i was left with some pretty visible scarring. it’s ALWAYS bugged me, and i’ve tried to get it sorted so many times before. shorter term fixes to boost collagen like laser genesis is less invasive (i.e. doesn’t go as deep) and works well if you have some texture concerns that don’t include the deeper variety. read about my experience, here.

bring in the big guns. fractional laser. this laser goes deeper to affect the inner layers of the skin, puncturing tiny, microscopic holes so that the injured skin will heal itself with a boost of collegen. it stimulates the collagen to repair the tissue. sounds scary? yes, but it’s not to be feared. i just had my first treatment at pure light laser, and after a few days of redness, i noticed a difference. i will have 3 – 4 more treatments, and then will be sharing the no holds barred before and after shots!

Photo Feb 15, 4 14 05 PM

in the meantime, my current evening skincare routine has changed from my usual tinkering and playing with beauty edits (my co-worker is now in charge of this and reports back with her findings!), to this targeted regime:

cleanser: zo skin care oilacleanse cleanser (the 2% salicylic acid clarifies the pores during treatment and is super concentrated – i mean very, so you only need the tiniest bit to get your face perfectly clean. this is the best cleanser i have ever used. leaves not a trace of makeup, but doesn’t strip it, either. this product can only be sold by licensed professionals so tracking it down may be a challenge, but worth the effort. mine is from pure light laser in vancouver)

toner: glossier soothing face mist (post cleansing, i love the way this smells and it’s a pleasure to use. the rose scent signals relaxation, and the ingredients of any good toner will balance out the pH levels of the skin)

night lotion: proderm aha bha 5-2 (another dose of clarifying ingredients, aha-bha exfoliates with 5% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid overnight to make the most of my fractional laser treatments, and also moisturizes with some essential oils. slight peeling is normal, but will regulate. it also comes in a stronger 8% glycolic acid formula for more challenging conditions)

glam toothbrush: nano-b silver coated toothbrush (the latest technology in toothbrushes! silver coated bristles are antibacterial, killing more germs in your mouth. plus, it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?! testing this out and will report back)

body moisturizer: one love organics vitamin c body oil (i use this on my chest – yes, breasts – and backs of my hands before bed to keep things in check)

lips: aerin rose lip balm (yummy rose scented moisture for my lips that feels oh so luxurious and romantic)

next, i’ll be sharing some images of my skin pre and post fractional laser treatments – stay tuned! xx

the benefits of lemon water

lemon water detox

oh, the power of something so simple. the benefits of lemon water are vast. upon waking, i love to get my body revved up and start the elimination process by sipping on warm lemon water as i get ready, and before i caffeinate. warm lemon water alkalizes the body, helps to flush the system of toxins, helping all functions of the body. the skin will glow, you’ll feel less bloated, and have a little boost of energy.

lemon water detox 1

set your kettle to simmer filtered water so it doesn’t get too hot as it heats, and then squeeze half a lemon into the glass. can you use bottled lemon juice? yes, and i do sometimes – it’s much more affordable than buying a lemon for two glasses of water. if you can, go for the organic lemons/lemon juice to keep things as clean as possible. if you’re on the go, use a mason jar to sip while you commute.

try this out for 2 weeks, and see what happens – would love to hear your success stories!