sparkle with robson street: perfect beauty gift picks

l'occitane products

it’s the time of year when you get to shop your little heart out… even (especially) when it’s for other people, i love to shop to find out what’s new in the world of beauty. as part of my second post in partnership with my fave shopping district, robson street and their sparkle with robson holiday campaign, i’m sharing the best beauty picks for everyone on your list!

robson street is home to a brand new sephora (the biggest in canada!), aveda, l’occitane, and kiehl’s – a beauty lovers dream. it’s fun to make a day of it, grabbing a coffee, and hopping from place to place, testing, smelling, and picking out that perfect item. i’ve edited my picks for even the hardest person to buy for on your list (most people would say that person would be me!).

my favourite picks from l’occitane for your mom, sister or bestie are of the rose variety. i love how pretty these picks are, and they’re ideal for the girl on the go:

ROSES ET REINES HAND & NAIL CREAM (the aroma is beyond)
ROSES ET REINES ROLL-ON EAU DE TOILETTE INTENSE (for quick touch ups while she’s running through her day)
ARLÉSIENNE SCENTED CANDLE (a pop of pretty pink beside the tub or on her nightstand)

kiehls products

just down the block from l’occitane on robson, you’ll find kiehl’s. their simple fuss free formulations are perfect for the guy on your list (like my husband who loves the straightening cream!):

Midnight Recovery Concentrate (anti aging powerhouse, perfect for him or mom)
Lip Balm #1 (cult fave and the perfect basic)
heat protective silk straightening cream (smooths and shines for the perfect blowout)
body scrub soap (his do it all power bar)
creme de corps (light and nourishing for the body with a subtle scent)

sephora products

a few doors down from kiehl’s, sephora is the one stop shop for every lucky beauty lover on your list. there are so many gift sets to choose from, and christmas is the perfect time to get her in on cult faves, too:

benefit high beam
benefit cha cha tint (my go-to blush)
urban decay naked palette 2 (a staple she needs now)
bite beauty lipstick in pomegranate (a bright and cheery red that we all need in our makeup rotation)
NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret (each lip crayon is a perfect shade that works on most complexions)

aveda products

stroll down the shopping district to aveda. in my early 20′s, i spent a few years as a makeup artist at aveda, and became obsessed with their products. so many good ones that i’m really familiar with, i had no problem picking favourites that would be ideal for honestly, anyone on your list down to your secret santa, boss, or heck, your bestie! (that paddle brush is a must for everyone – we have two in our house and they so well made, we’ve had them for five years):

shampure candle (we all know that signature aveda scent, and this is it)
rosemary mint bath bar (lasts for months and is a shower pick-me-up)
a gift of baths of beauty (the beautifying oil is delicious!)
paddle brush (great for blowouts)
aveda men pure-formance™ grooming cream (the aroma will drive you crazy… in a good way)

head over to instagram for your chance to win a $200 beauty gift pack full of some of these items and follow along with our official #sparklewithrobson hashtag!

russian volume lashes: before and after

lashes after lashes before

as i’ve aged, my lashes have become a little more sparse than i’d like. i’ve used lash growth serums, and love, love them, but sometimes, instant results are what you’re after.

lash extension lovers, you have found the next level of lash technology and it’s beyond. russian volume lashes are just as they sound, all about the volume. instead of focusing on one extention per lash, 2-3 super fine and super light extensions are applied on each lash for a greater depth. the length is still there, but the result is a more dense final product.

i had mine done at w lash beautique inside of bare wax bar on west 4th avenue, and the process takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. it’s completely relaxing and you pretty much nod off, which was quite lovely in the middle of my afternoon!

before and after lashes

the before and afters speak for themselves, yikes, i can see how women can’t live without ‘em! the same amount of makeup was worn in each image, and i have no mascara on in either (not to mention, total resting bitch face in my before pic!). love how they add that definition to really bring together your look.

i’ve had regular lash extensions a few times before, and i much prefer the look of the russian volume technique. have you tried it? would you?

my everyday 5 on glitter guide


i always love to peek inside people’s makeup bag, interested to find out what they use on the everyday. i shared my must have products i can’t go a day without using with glitter guide! head over and have a look at the 5 things you will find in heavy rotation in my routine!

your turn! what can’t you absolutely not live without?

the best fall manicures

fall manicures

i must admit, i tend to play it pretty safe with my nails. you’ll most often find me in a burgundy (this one is my fave right now), red, or soft pink. that said, i love the idea of getting a bit funky, while still keeping things relatively refined and neutral. these are my 5 fave fall manicures i shared with glitter guide, and i want to try out each one! all you need is a bit of striping tape to get those sharp lines and angles, your colours of choice, and a glossy or matte top coat, and you’re good to go. into them?