things i love right now


I always love to see what items others are loving right now, and I have a few things that I’m trying, loving, and just random things to tell you about!

Thoughtfully Magazine: If you’re in the U.S, you’ve seen this floating around in Whole Foods, and if you’re not, you can download a digital version, here. This is such a great magazine for everyone, especially those of us who want to live a more well-rounded healthy lifestyle. I was so thrilled to take part in the latest issue testing out natural deodorants. Flip through to find me!

Fresh Peony Brightening Night Mask: I came back from Hawaii with a really killer tan – while I was safe with the sunscreen, some damage still happened. I have a few dark spots that I’m looking forward to getting rid of. This product says it should work, but we shall see! Keep ya posted.


Illesteva Sunnies: I love these sunnies! Shame that when they arrived they were crooked and I have to send them in for an exchange. I don’t want to let them go!

glossier Coconut balm dot com: Sucker for the packaging, the product is just as good. This entire line is fantastic – minimal, stylish, and effective.

Kypris Beauty Elixir: Seriously though, every woman needs a nourishing oil – it will replace your chemical based serum to hydrate AND heal. This one is my current fave for it’s potency. A dab will do ya!

the best summer beauty products


I’ve really hit my groove when it comes to finding the best summer beauty products. I had to really pare my routine down during our honeymoon to Maui in June, and could only pack my fave products – this is what I brought! In the summer, it’s all about moisture, protection and simplicity, and I always favour natural beauty products over chemicals.

Suntegrity Face Sunscreen: this stuff is totally natural, and honestly, pure gold. It warded off any possible sunburn during our trip, and i adore the fact that it’s chemical free – if I could recommend on product to you this summer, this one would be it! (bonus: it doubles as a moisturizer and makeup primer for year round protection).

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil: a blend of natural oils with such a warm, summery scent, this is perfect to use post beach, pre-dinner.


One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal: after a day in the sun, this oil packed with Omega’s is just what my complexion needs to repair itself – a few drops before bed helps my sunned skin feel nourished.

glossier balm dot com: the sun and water (especially the salt water) destroys our lips, and this stuff is thick and protective – I use it all day and overnight, too!

By Rosie Jane Leila Lou: not one for perfume, I find this to be so light and pretty, perfect for summer and very soft and summery. It’s definitely my go-to summer scent and it also happens to be totally natural!


the beauty products he needs


Since it’s almost Father’s Day, I thought a more masculine themed post was in order! I constantly make jokes that my hubs steals my products… and that isn’t far from the truth. He is very well taken care of in the beauty department, so I asked him to share his go-to products in his own words. The guy has great taste, what can I say?

HARRY’s Truman Razor: Ask anyone, I hate to shave. It’s true.  Whose big idea was it to get us men to wield a razor sharp blade of all things, around our face in the morning when we’re our groggiest?!  Thankfully, Harry’s has the Truman, an expertly designed razor for comfort and control to get us through.  The handle has a weighted core and the molded exterior provides an ergonomic grip.  It comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from that’ll look great in your (her) bathroom. The best part? Never worry about running out of blades again!  Harry’s has a subscription program that delivers straight to your door, so it makes a great gift (nudge!).


May Lindstrom Skin’s The Blue Cocoon: Being married to a Beauty Editor means I have access to all sorts of products, and over the years, I’ve secretly nicked a balm or two from the Mrs., so by proxy you could say I’m a bit of an expert?  That said, after using the Blue Cocoon, I demanded that this be stocked in our medicine cabinet with NO exception.  A little goes a long way with this blue miracle.  It’s perfect for healing the most stubborn razor rash as well as any other inflammations as they occur, giving me a dewy and supple completion.  (note from erin: he’s literally obsessed!)

KIEHL’S Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion: I have an extremely thick beard, and after a couple of days of regrowth, my skin can start to become looking dry, flaky and ruddy in texture.  I’ve used scrubs in the past to various degrees of success.  For me, this is the holy grail of exfoliators.  I use this once or twice a week: after I shave, and then again 3 days later.  Instantly, the skin on my face is smoother and clearer and it serious cuts down on my razor bumps.  Another bonus is getting rid of all the dead skin will help the absorption of any topical skin treatments to maximize their efficacy.

Routine’s Like A Boss Natural Deodorant De-odor-cream: Do you know what stinks?  Deodorants that don’t work.  Or worse, those with synthetic scents that leave you smelling like a teenage boy who just discovered their single new chest hair needs an abnormal amount of body spray to survive.  The Like A Boss deodorant is Routine’s strongest formula, made from beeswax and clay for absorption.  It’s mildly scented with geranium, rosemary and lavender with hints of mandarin, bergamot and spearmint.  All you need is a pea sized amount rubbed into each armpit.  Each pot lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months (depending how many CrossFit classes your man takes), and for the true north strong and free lover, it’s hand-made in Calgary, Canada.


KMS California’s Tame Frizz Taming Creme: A man’s hair is important, but depending on your man, taking care of it may not be.  My outlook on hair is that it should be able to move and should be touchable no matter its texture and type.  Now that Mad Men has finally paid its TV bar tab, we’re going to see men’s hair move away from the shellacked lego hair helmets for a more natural look (Don Draper, I’m looking at you).  This humidity resistant taming creme from KMS’s Tame Frizz line will add control, definition and style manageability to any hairstyle (including the man-bun).   Use on towel dried hair or blow dry it in for extra control and definition.

Suntegrity’s Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer: If your man is anything like me than he worships the great outdoors… and the sun.  It also probably means he forgets to use sunscreen.  To make sure that your mister doesn’t get too “George Clooney-ed” before his time, get him to use this all-natural sunscreen.  One, it comes in a metallic container mimicking a silver bullet (already awesome) that doubles as a mirror,  and two, a little dab goes a long way.


Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver Cologne: If a man has to get one thing right, it has to be his scent.  However, since scent is so personal don’t take my word for it.  Help make your man an instant classic and take him on a date wherever Tom Ford fragrances are sold to explore all Mr. Ford has to offer. Tom Ford is rarely ever wrong., I say.

complexion booster: vitamin c benefits


it’s no secret that i’m all about natural skin care. i think it’s a big myth that natural means ineffective or ‘hippy’. i’ve most often had much better results using natural masks (this one is my absolute fave), oils (this, this and this are my jam), and serums. think about it… our body can much better use something it can absorb and synthesize. in terms of a serum, i’m BIG on recommending vitamin C and wrote a huge article on the benefits, here… it’s been pinned hundreds of times, and it is one of the top five read posts on this site, so clearly, there’s a big interest in getting to know this power vitamin.

the new one love organics vitamin c brightening facial serum is a beautiful combination of active vitamin c (ester-c) and nourishing oils to pull double duty for a luminous result. i adore it and do believe that every woman should have an iteration of vitamin c in their regimen – this is the one i would recommend.

still confused? read my whole breakdown on the vitamin in this post and leave any questions in the comments!

weekly beauty routine


i’ve gotten so out of the habit of using a weekly mask, but i’m back on board. may lindstrom’s problem solver is my current fave. my mom is here visiting and she’s all about it – anytime she comes to visit, she brings her beauty notes from dr. oz asking for some recommendations (how cute is that?!), so she was up for masking with me.


what i love about this mask is that it’s completely natural, and active. it seriously clarifies my skin like a dream. i always finish off with a dose of an oil (today it was dr. alkaitis for me, and blue cocoon for my mom) to really get those nourishing properties to work at the deepest level. it reminded me to get back into the ritual, and i’ll be applying this each and every sunday!