My New Skin Miracle

miracle 10 1

As a “blogger”, I often receive skin care samples, and I choose those I’m most intrigued with to try out. I look for skincare that is active, meaning those with ingredients that can really impact my skin. Ingredients like acids for exfoliation (glycolic, lactic, alpha hydroxy, salicylic) and vitamins A (Retin A, retinol), C (boosts collagen and helps with clarity/pigmentation) and E (antioxidant care).

I was recently invited to The Ten Spot here in Vancouver (it’s the place I trust with my mani’s and pedi’s!) for the launch of Miracle 10 Skin Care, a line created by a plastic surgeon, made in Canada, and I was impressed by the key ingredients, and targeted approach of their products. I usually like to stick with as natural as possible when it comes to anything I put on my skin, but also balance that with active products more on the cosmeceutical side for their benefits. It takes me a LOT to commit to a new routine, and having tried the products for the past 3 weeks, I can say I’m in love. All skin care companies make claims, but theirs are backed with science (see above – their products have all of those major skincare players!). I’ve been using it exclusively, along with Vintner’s Daughter as my evening oil (and if you follow me on Snapchat,I’m erincsousa, you know that I also use it on days I’m not wearing makeup! Such a treat).

miracle 10

My current night routine

I use the Miracle 10 Cleanser II for the 1% glycolic evening and night, followed by the Solution I for toning, with its glycolic at 3%. My skin is acne prone and oily, so I love the exfoliation and blemish fighting help there! Now, this is when it gets SUPER active: every other night, I use the AHA Gel with 8% glycolic AND salicylic acid, and then I mix in a little scoop of the pure Vitamin C powder  – this stuff is POWERFUL at helping the collagen and tone of my skin. I have some old pigment scars that I’m really working at getting rid of, and I see them fading already! That’s my evening routine 50% of the time – the other 50% I replace the AHA Gel and Vitamin C with Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum… this stuff is liquid gold. It’s an investment in the skin, and truly worth it.

vintner's daughter

I’ve been so thrilled with my skin, and I think I’ll keep it up!

Read all about how to master Vitamin C, here and here.

Spring Things

summer shoes

Spring is almost here… this gets me in the mood to refresh a few things! This blog has been a little slow, and I’m sorry about that. I find it difficult to dedicate time to sharing things I love here, because I get to do this on Instagram and Snapchat (I’m erincsousa!) so readily. I definitely miss the days when I would churn out 3-4 posts a week, but I hope you’ll evolve with me, and catch me on social media?

So, back to the good stuff! I went shopping this week just to check out what was on the shelves. One of my first stops is always Zara. Score! These cute flats were only $35 (!!!) buuut I can’t find them on their site, so maybe just pop in to your local shop?

cupcakes cashmere nail polish

Next up, Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Emily Schuman created this trio of polish with Formula X. I’m SO picky about my polish colours, and so was Emily, thus, this new little collab! Love these two shades, Latte Run (a smooth nude), and Haute Sauce (a true pop of red).

rco conditioner

Mmmmk, R+Co. has literally killed it on their branding and bold bottles. Pretty sure that’s the only reason I bought this conditioner (other than I really need conditioner). Is it good? No idea yet, but the bottle sure is foxy.

Things I Love Right Now


I’m so not one for selfies, but I feel like I get a pass because I rarely post them? It basically takes me 15 tries to get one I can live with, anyone else?! I have a few reasons that I am feeling great about my skin. Firstly, I tried Botox for the first time. I gotta say that I never thought I would, but I wanted to give it a go, and had some done in my frown lines at Vancouver Laser. So many of my friend’s use it, and told me that I would LOVE it (caps needed) – I really do. I find that it makes my eyes look more open and my brows are a little more lifted. Secondly, the most amazing facial at Glow Dermal Therapy that has given my skin a serious glow – she gave me a mini acid peel and worked wonders on my clogged pores with extractions. Best ever! I used to go for facials monthly, and I think I’m going to get into this routine again. Look ma, no filter!

almond milk

Dairy is a hard beast for me to let go. I seriously love cheese, ice cream, and cream in my coffee. I recently tried The Juicery’s Almond Mylk in my coffee, and it’s an easy swap for cream. I don’t even miss it!

Weekend Vibes

natural beauty

Half way through January… How did THAT happen?!

The days are getting longer, and squeezing a little extra sunshine out at the end of the day lifts my spirits. This week, I received some new natural luxe beauty goodies from LeVert Beauty, and this natural deodorant is something I’ve been looking forward to trying for ages. Most natural deodorants I’ve tried that work are in a pot and applied with the fingers, so this stick format should be much easier to use.

asian salad

I shared my new fave recipe on Instagram yesterday – this meal is apparently one of the best things my husband has ever eaten, soooo, I think you should try. This is the recipe, and I make extra to keep on hand for the week. If you don’t dress the full salad, it will keep for 3 days in the fridge! I’ve come to notice that I rarely eat meat anymore, and when I do, it’s organic. Anyone else cutting down on meat lately?

Happy weekend!

My New Haircut

Erin Sousa December 2015

I’ve been literally talking about chopping my hair for like a year. I have had long, LONG hair since I was 5 years old, and so it had become part of who I was, and really, a security blanket. My husband is my hair stylist (yes it’s awesome, and no, I don’t get blowouts every day at home), so he was in charge of doing the deed. Poor guy, I’m sure he felt quite a bit of pressure. If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw it go down! (I’m erincsousa if you’re on it!)

I love my new LOB (long bob) with very subtle Balayage painted throughout (partial head, if you’re asking!). I feel so fresh, and back on trend. Phew, I was heading into the mid-thirty doldrums. That was a close call!

Thank you, hubs, for making me feel beautiful. For those of you who are looking, you can book with Roberto here in Vancouver at Nadia Albano Salon.