weekly beauty routine


i’ve gotten so out of the habit of using a weekly mask, but i’m back on board. may lindstrom’s problem solver is my current fave. my mom is here visiting and she’s all about it – anytime she comes to visit, she brings her beauty notes from dr. oz asking for some recommendations (how cute is that?!), so she was up for masking with me.


what i love about this mask is that it’s completely natural, and active. it seriously clarifies my skin like a dream. i always finish off with a dose of an oil (today it was dr. alkaitis for me, and blue cocoon for my mom) to really get those nourishing properties to work at the deepest level. it reminded me to get back into the ritual, and i’ll be applying this each and every sunday!

whole foods beauty

Photo May 06, 2 33 50 PM

ever strolled the beauty section at whole foods? i’ve been a fan for years and a few products are secret weapons for me. a lot of what you find is more on the natural side, depending on what you choose, of course. it’s easy to overlook these products, because they aren’t as glam, but they work so well, and the pricepoint is wonderful.

whole foods 365 everyday value conditioner is a staple in our shower! it’s super light, and rinses clean. the pricepoint is also perfect. win!

alba botanica is a line i’ve used for years, and love their body oils. i decided to try out their (yummy smelling) coconut lime shave cream to get into the habit of shaving my legs again (ha!). love, love.

kiss my face lavender shea has been the only thing (for years) my husband will shave with and he buys it in bulk once a sale hits.

Photo May 06, 2 33 20 PM

speaking of sales, from friday, may 8 through sunday, may 10, whole foods market is offering 25% OFF all cosmetics. additionally, whole foods is hosting their annual 25% OFF whole body one day sale on saturday, may 9. this means you receive an additional 25% off those products during their cosmetic sale.

if you pop over to instagram, i’m giving one person a $50 whole foods gift card to buy a haul of your fave products!

natural beauty for glowing skin

kypris moonlight catalyst

as you all know, i’m obsessed with natural beauty products. i really try so hard to keep all of my skin care totally natural – parabens, petroleums, anything man made, i’m not into it when it comes to allowing it to absorb into my body. i try to combine this thinking with other little rituals that help my overall wellbeing. natural beauty for glowing skin… it takes a bit of a village!

currently, i’m LOVING kypris moonlight catalyst for its smoothing and retinol like effects thanks to the blend of rosehip seed, and phytonutrients that pack a nutritious and moisturizing punch. it’s your serum, and moisturizing oil all in one. take that.

lemon water

mornings with some lemon water, and a light read (so into decor mags as we finish off our new place) make the perfect way for me to ease into a slower day, or a lazy sunday. lemon water also promotes a healthy glow, from the inside out. hey, whatever it takes as the birthdays creep up! xo

how to: twisted braid tutorial


it’s so much fun to partner with friends to create content! cara mcclay is well known for both her fashion blog ‘a fashion love affair‘, and the best hair around! this girl’s mane has no supplementation, in other words, no extensions at all! isn’t that a gorge main? over on instagram, you’ll catch her braided styles a plenty, so i just had to get the intel on her twisted braid tutorial. i recently shared this how-to with glitter guide – it’s easier than it looks!





1. On one side of your head, twist a small portion of your hair from the front to the back, leaving a few pieces out around your face. Repeat on the other side, and then secure both twisted pieces behind your head with a clear elastic.

2. Grab the ponytail you created with the elastic. Flip it toward your head, looping it behind the elastic and pulling it downward.

3. Gather the hair in the ponytail and separate it into two portions. Take hair from underneath on the left side and pull it to the front. Repeat on the right side, alternating both steps all the way down the ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

4. Slightly pull the braid apart to achieve an undone look.

5. Use the XO Styling Iron (or heated styling tool of your choice) to create soft waves throughout the rest of your hair. If you’re using the XO Styling Iron, place it at a 45-degree angle, close the plates over a section of hair and glide the iron down the length of your hair, spinning it toward you as you move down. You can also use the iron to wave the pieces of hair you left out around the front of your face.

6. To finish the look, lightly spray your curls from underneath with hairspray. Run a small amount of hair oil through waves to separate curls and create shine.


how to clean makeup brushes


oh, hello! i’m putting on my makeup artist and beauty editor hat to share this recent editorial i produced for glitter guide, all in the name of spring cleaning! now, let’s be real here… how often do you wash your makeup brushes? do you know how to clean makeup brushes? i literally ask my friends and family this all the time, and then proceed to shame them into washing them as i watch. but really, it’s just SO terrible for our pores to run our dirty brushes across our faces every day. you know those tiny white bumps that appear on our eyelids? melia… well, those are clogged pores caused by dirt and oil. completely preventable! same goes for nasty bumps and pimples – dirty brushes can contribute to breakouts! luckily, the fix is easy.

all products

wash those brushes! once a month, get them all cleaned up. here’s how:

products you’ll need:
  • baby shampoo (it’s gentle yet effective)—i used Live Clean
  • running water
  • clean towel for drying
  • rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

brush before

1) Wet brush. Keeping the tip of the brush pointed down, apply shampoo from the palm of your hand onto the brush. Swirl the bristles around in your hand, then rinse thoroughly.

wash brushes 3

2) Repeat the above process until the water runs clear.

wash brushes 2

3) Squeeze the excess water out of the brush.

4) Lightly spritz the damp brush with rubbing alcohol (70% at least) to eradicate any lingering germs.

last step

5) Lay brush flat on a clean towel to dry overnight. (Tip: Never stand the brushes upright to dry. Water will leak into the handle and loosen the glue, causing the brush to eventually break.)

Investing in good brushes and taking care of them will ensure they last for years – i’ve had many of mine for 10+ years, and i use them daily.