fresh face: spring beauty tutorial

spring makeup

vmac + cheese is defo one of my fave sites and i love guest posting for victoria. she’s so stylish, knowledgeable and kind, always keeping her readers best interest in mind, and she’s always very generous with her content, too! when she asked me to create a fresh spring beauty tutorial, i grabbed my fave products, photog paul milaire and a friend (my model, jen of her waise choice who so looks beautiful bare-faced!) to work with me on the project. it’s a look that honestly works for all of us, and i’m sharing some pro tips and tricks that you may not have heard before! read more…


spring beauty faves

spring tulips

oh, hello spring! the season officially kicks off tomorrow, and i think we’re all ready for it! nothing gets me more excited about spring than fresh spring beauty, including new products with lovely formulations, textures and of course, colours.

moroccanoil body

we all know morcoccanoil makes awesome hair products (i’m especially partial to their oil treatment serum after blowdrying, before i flat iron, oh and their hairspray is equally lovely), but they are getting into the body biz, too. with new products like shower gel, hand cream, and even soap, if you like their signature earthy and spicy aroma (and hydrated skin), you’ll love these products. read more…


portrait photography: tips and tricks

gucio vancouver

i don’t know about you, but i’m definitely not comfortable in front of the camera. i think it’s partly the fact that i don’t have control of the outcome, and partly the fact that i can be quite self conscious. when emily (my wedding makeup artist) suggested she doll me up for portrait photos with gucio photography, i was instantly nervous. one scan of the gorgeous work displayed on their site (the engagement photos they’ve captured will give you chills), eased my mind – i trusted they understood how to create a stunning result.

gucio vancouver 1

self confidence is a funny thing. it’s very closely tied to self image and can define how you allow others to treat you, and what you feel you deserve in life. i’ve always had a very healthy self image for the most part, but we all see photos of ourselves, and at one time or another, are shocked about how we look. taking a professional portrait is a really nice way to honour who you are – the experience really opened my eyes to my connection with myself. i spend so much time taking care of other people, i simply forgot to check in with who i am… the experience of getting dolled up, feeling beautiful, and looking at the back of the cam to see that i really looked beautiful… it was a wonderful feeling and one that doesn’t happen often – it was such a treat. these photos document a special time in my life, and are something i’ll treasure!

a portrait is defined as artistic representation of a person… i very much feel like my essence is captured in these photos, and to have this documented feels a lot more special to me than i thought it would. don’t you think gifting a session is a wonderful idea, too? very unique and thoughtful.

gucio vancouver 2

there’s a certain intimacy about letting yourself relax in front of a camera. you have to just let go, let yourself be vulnerable, and trust the process. some of the most awkward feeling positions can look the prettiest in a photo, so simply let your photog guide you (for instance, i heard a lot of, “lengthen that neck”, ha!). it’s easy: if you have a great photog, there is truly nothing to worry about. their job is to make you look good. emily’s makeup skills are ridiculous. i’m a makeup artist myself, and really picky about how my makeup is done – i’ve never had anyone do a great job. emily made me look better than i ever had – she’s a beauty guru to the max.

gucio vancouver 3

with gucio, i was so surprised how they knew which positions would make me look great, and gave me direction along the way. little nuances i thought i only knew about my angles, they totally ‘got’. their post production is also impeccable – i said that i really didn’t want a lot of re-touching… cleaning up those major issues is fine, but  taking away my character is something i’m not cool with. obviously, they would have done an amazing job whether i mentioned this or not! their gastown studio is beyond – these ladies have serious style.

the pros were gracious enough to share their (really awesome) tips about how to look your best in your portraits, or any photos, for that matter:

read more…


beauty tutorial: how to curl with a flat iron

a few weeks ago, jen and i collaborated on a cute hair tutorial video! jen came up with the idea to document her hair styling process – she curls it with a flat iron, and i’m always all “jen your hair looks awesome!”, so i personally, was very interested to see exactly how to curl with a flat iron!

i tried it myself, and i just can’t get the process down – i’m terrible doing my own hair… we didn’t film that part, sorry (this means i’ll be referring to the vid myself on the reg). that aside, it takes a lot of work to produce a quality tutorial!

first, a cohesive storyline is created. we considered what was important to communicate, and how to make the lesson as appealing as possible. of course, for us this meant pastries, flowers and red lippy! whenever i see the finished version of a creative tutorial, i always forget how much time and patience it takes to create. multiple shots, and angles are required to get the piece to fit together, not to mention props, and a pretty space. it was such a fun and creative process to be a part of! we shot it at my place, and ava had to make a cameo.

how to curl hair flat iron 1

a few products mentioned in the vid that we love:

oribe dry texturizing spray (worth every penny) | xo styling iron

we hope you enjoy, and find the tutorial helpful and a huge thanks to videographer paul milaire!


my vancouver sun feature

Sparkle Media Vancouver Sun 2

i’m so thrilled to tell you about my feature in the vancouver sun! growing up, the newspaper was always like the holy grail to me. the experts featured were always my be all end all, and to be on the other side of that feels amazing – it’s a total bucket list moment for me.

i was asked to chat about bridal beauty including hair and makeup for a brides big day. alongside tastemakers and industry experts soha lavin of countdown events, designer jason matlo, the flower factory and vancouver’s top bridal boutique, bisou bridal, we all discussed trends and wedding style based on our specialties! as a bride to be, it was lovely to read everyone’s perspectives, too.

the print version of the piece was a lot more in depth (here’s an image of the paper clipping if you’d like to read the full thing). read the online feature, here. huge thanks to the talented reporter aleesha harris (who also happens to have a very fantastic fashion blog).

still to come in the next week or so is a bridal beauty tutorial video!