rockstuds on my gift lyst


treating your friend to something special doesn’t happen often, so when jen of her waise choice asked me to partner with her and lyst to create a gal-entine’s day gift lyst for her, and her for me, i was totally into it! i hadn’t known much about lyst, but this platform is a definite time saver! lyst is an online shopping platform that partners with 9,000 brands to bring you millions of products to one place so you can have a universal hub to discover the fashion you covet.

jen created this lyst full of the things she’d think i would like (and was SPOT on!), and then chose one item to treat me to. i cannot believe that after years of stalking rockstuds, i have my very own pair. what a huge treat! knowing jen so well, i was able to put together a curated selection of items (called a gift lyst) from a variety of shops, and then chose a few to buy her that i knew she would love. it’s such an efficient way to not only shop for yourself, but others as well. since they can create a lyst to hint at what they might want, and then send you the link, i’m going to be hooked on the idea to sneak my ideas into my husband’s inbox. it’s a great little do-it-all shopping hub! luckily, lyst also alerts you when an in demand out of stock product is re-stocked, so you never have to waste time checking in.

curious what i treated jen to for ‘gal-intines’? pop over to her site to see what she got in the mail from me!

lyst 1

ok, so the rockstuds – i mean, can you even? i’ve been obsessed with these beauties for years. i chose the flats because i knew i’d get a lot more wear out of them and to have a pair in my collection is a little fashion dream come true for me.

lyst 3lyst 2

my skin journey: fractional laser treatments

Photo Feb 15, 4 14 30 PM

oh that elusive perfect complexion. we spend hundreds each year in search of that airbrushed perfection we see in print. i have been no different, and because of this blog and my position as a beauty editor at glitter guide, i try out more products than most, with no goal other than ensuring it’s good enough to recommend.

i’ve struggled with spots and acne scarring for 15 years, and after a very severe bout of acne in my early 20′s, i was left with some pretty visible scarring. it’s ALWAYS bugged me, and i’ve tried to get it sorted so many times before. shorter term fixes to boost collagen like laser genesis is less invasive (i.e. doesn’t go as deep) and works well if you have some texture concerns that don’t include the deeper variety. read about my experience, here.

bring in the big guns. fractional laser. this laser goes deeper to affect the inner layers of the skin, puncturing tiny, microscopic holes so that the injured skin will heal itself with a boost of collegen. it stimulates the collagen to repair the tissue. sounds scary? yes, but it’s not to be feared. i just had my first treatment at pure light laser, and after a few days of redness, i noticed a difference. i will have 3 – 4 more treatments, and then will be sharing the no holds barred before and after shots!

Photo Feb 15, 4 14 05 PM

in the meantime, my current evening skincare routine has changed from my usual tinkering and playing with beauty edits (my co-worker is now in charge of this and reports back with her findings!), to this targeted regime:

cleanser: zo skin care oilacleanse cleanser (the 2% salicylic acid clarifies the pores during treatment and is super concentrated – i mean very, so you only need the tiniest bit to get your face perfectly clean. this is the best cleanser i have ever used. leaves not a trace of makeup, but doesn’t strip it, either. this product can only be sold by licensed professionals so tracking it down may be a challenge, but worth the effort. mine is from pure light laser in vancouver)

toner: glossier soothing face mist (post cleansing, i love the way this smells and it’s a pleasure to use. the rose scent signals relaxation, and the ingredients of any good toner will balance out the pH levels of the skin)

night lotion: proderm aha bha 5-2 (another dose of clarifying ingredients, aha-bha exfoliates with 5% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid overnight to make the most of my fractional laser treatments, and also moisturizes with some essential oils. slight peeling is normal, but will regulate. it also comes in a stronger 8% glycolic acid formula for more challenging conditions)

glam toothbrush: nano-b silver coated toothbrush (the latest technology in toothbrushes! silver coated bristles are antibacterial, killing more germs in your mouth. plus, it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?! testing this out and will report back)

body moisturizer: one love organics vitamin c body oil (i use this on my chest – yes, breasts – and backs of my hands before bed to keep things in check)

lips: aerin rose lip balm (yummy rose scented moisture for my lips that feels oh so luxurious and romantic)

next, i’ll be sharing some images of my skin pre and post fractional laser treatments – stay tuned! xx

our living room: before and after

sparkle living room

we are notorious for taking forever with choosing items for our home. i have a huge list of updates i want to make and items i want to buy… this list stays long with no action. until now, that is! we’re finally making decisions, and finishing our rooms. we started with our living room, and thanks to a brand new custom ottoman from lofty living, we’re feeling accomplished!

our old coffee table was huge, dark and out of date. it was a hand me down pottery barn piece that i had grown out of long ago!

sparkle living room before
(the before)

the living room feels so much more us with the ottoman. it was tough to choose a colour, but after thinking it over with sample fabrics, and with a little coaching from the lovely ladies at lofty living, we decided on a mid-tone grey for a few reasons: lighter colours will get dirtier quicker, especially when kids come along, and i didn’t want the living room to be too beige. the darker colour grounds the space. i love how the legs match our lamp (a homesense purchase from years ago).

along the other wall runs a built in unit that i’m sprucing up, and i’ll reveal that next week!


ottoman: lofty living lolita
sectional: ikea nokerby with the teno light grey fabric
sheepskin: costco
rug and lamps: homesense
tray and milkglass goblet: the cross
gold pouf: ebay (and i stuffed it myself)

diy valentine candygrams


oh those good old days on paper valentine’s from your elementary school friends. those were the simple days, and there’s something so sweet about evoking that nostalgia! skip a few years to middle school, and candygrams were all the rage. i remember sending them to my friends and excitedly waiting to receive some in return. i thought it would be fun to recreate the nostalgia with this diy valentine candygrams that i shared over on glitter guide this week!

IMG_2447 editPhoto finished

the method is as simple as can be, and instead of just candy, petitepuf cotton candy make it a little more elevated. love by phoebe created the name tags that can be tied with a ribbon, which i left a little longer for softness. have fun and treat your girls with a little gal-entines love!

the best pancake recipe ever

sunday pancakes 2

sunday mornings are all about pancakes in this house. it’s a tradition that i look forward to every week after most week days, breakfast as catch as you can. sunday means sleeping in (or letting my husband sleep in, that is), and waking him up with the smell of pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen. this is the best pancake recipe ever – our pancake feasts are well documented on instagram and i want to share my tried and tested recipe with you that i’ve been making since i was a wee one with my mom! a mix was never an option in our house, and i mean seriously, the recipe is so easy, you don’t need to go that route!

sunday pancakes

now, i should preface this by saying that the pancakes are not gluten-free or vegan, but can be made dairy free if you swap in a soy or almond milk, and replace the regular flour for gluten-free.

these go best with a side of crispy bacon (or on top, as we prefer), and the recipe for that is super simple – bake on a foil lined cookie sheet at 400 degrees until crisp. no mess, no splatter and the perfect crisp every time.

PERFECT PANCAKES (for two hungry people)

2 cups milk, room temperature
2 eggs, room temperature
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp sugar
pinch salt

mix, lumps are ok, and cook in veggie oil or butter (or a combo of both). serve with warm maple syrup – the good stuff will make a difference.

white comfy bed

now, go back for seconds and then have a sunday nap.