fall fashion: currently coveting

currently coveting

a new season is always a good time to add a few classic items to your collection, and maybe even something a little cute and cheeky (i’m looking at you, leopard scrunchie) to your wardrobe.

love gigi new york’s selection of classic leather goods and am obsessed with the tote i have that includes my new initialed monogram (posted about it here).

yes, a “scrunchie”! (if you remember that sex and the city episode about them, then you know they’ve definitely got a BAD rap). they are totally “back” and even if you aren’t into them, you have to admit this leopard one from chelsea king is darn cute.

lots of mixed opinions about watches – are they passé? don’t we all just check the time on our phones? now with the new apple watch, you either stay classic, or you go tech. even though the battery in the MK one i wear every day has been dead for a month (gotta get on that), i still love to wear it. i really want a classic leather strap watch, and these daniel wellington time pieces are stylish and well priced.

what are you coveting this fall and what have you already added into your wardrobe? into scrunchies, or notsomuch?



the sparkle office

oh hi! just popping in to say hello – i haven’t forgotten about you! i’m here… at my desk… lots of late nights working because days are full of meetings. we also made our first big decision as a married couple, and are moving, which i’m really, really excited about. i’ve been in our current place for 6 years, and as we prepare for kiddos (eeeek, yes, seriously), we’ve decided to move into a more kid friendly spot. we’re still downtown dwellers, thank goodness. unfortunately, moving means packing… not looking forward to that part at ALL.

i have a fun post coming up on wednesday - until then, my friends! xx

fall beauty faves

fall beauty faves

the air is getting a little crisper… are you ready for fall?! i so am!  the cooler weather means it’s my fave time of the year. wrapping myself in cozy knits, making use of my scarf and poncho collection (…that my hubby absolutely detests. “do you really need another scarf”… short answer is always YES), and rocking dark and moody lippy.

ah yes, fall is here!

i thought it would be fun to share my fave fall beauty picks! i’m all about getting things exfoliated, hydrated and happy all year long, but in the fall, there’s just something about getting into a proper routine, and each of my picks have that cozy element.

eos lip balm in strawberry sorbet: i keep this near my bed and apply it before bed and when i wake up. totally into the fact that they are 100% natural. annnd, it’s a drugstore find!

may lindstrom the clean dirt: i keep this in the shower, and apply it a few times a week at the start of my shower, letting it soak in as a mask. the grainy texture lends really well as an exfoliant, so it does double duty as a natural and organic exfoliator.

bobbi brown nude on nude palette and NARS and god created woman eye kit: both of these are perfect to get that soft and smokey fall eye. both of these palettes are full of warm shades you’ll gravitate to again and again. 

mac nail lacquer in impassioned: i’m all about a red mani and pedi for fall and winter. mac just reformulated their polishes – smaller more precise brush and a better formulation means a more pigmented and longer lasting result. love!

one love organics vitamin c body oil: i’m in love with this stuff, and for fall, it’s still my go to. i use those on me décolletage after the shower and before bed to keep things hydrated and tight.

share yours with me in the comments below… would love to hear your go-to products!


super simple dinner salad

easy salad idea

long, busy days can only mean one thing: cooking isn’t going to happen at the end of one! easy meals are my fave. and when i say easy, i mean those that take less than 5 minutes to make, and do not include an oven, or result in any dirty dishes.

this quick little salad is my absolute go to all year long. it’s such a cinch to throw together, and it’s filling, meat-free and satisfying. whenever possible, i like to go organic. gmo’s scare me, and yes, the organic route costs a bit more, but for my husband and i, it makes sense.

actually, this little salad is a perfect first course for a dinner party because it’s pretty, clever and simple, no? it’s almost silly to describe the ingredients and steps, but here goes:

halve an avocado, sprinkle with a little salt, add halved bocconcini cheese, and cherry tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper (i prefer maldon salt for finishing as it’s more of a delicate flavour), drizzle some of your best olive oil, and balsamic crema (find this at your specialty grocer – it’s sweet and tangy, almost syrupy). done!

it’s the perfect snack or light dinner – enjoy!

beauty: splurge vs. save


as part of an ongoing series with megbiram.com, i’m sharing where i like to splurge, and where i save when it comes to spending on my beauty routine! find out my picks alongside other well known beauty bloggers here - you might be surprised with our advice (and might save a few dolla bills along the way!)

by the way, i’m selling my 3.1 phillip lim pashli bag for a swell price. it’s the large size, worn 6 times or so, and i’m letting it go for $650. click here for an image and email erin@thesparkle.net if you’re interested!