sick day fixes


hello! why is it that the weeks you really cannot get sick, you do? this week, i’m moving, life is chaos, and of course, i’d get sick. it got me thinking about the remedies we all reach for, and what works for me! i’m all about keeping it natural, targeting the problem as opposed to the symptom like cold meds do. that said, decongestant pills can be very helpful and preventative when it comes to ear infections since it gets rid of the fluid that causes them.

the moment i feel a tickle, i hop on the emergen-c, which is a high powered powder that you mix into water. i’ve been using this stuff for years, and it’s a great vitamin hit to use not just when you’re sick, but all the time to get those much needed vitamins and minerals in high doses.

my mom made us use salt water like a religion growing up, and it has such wonderful benefits, i listen to her to this day. things are about to get a tad gross, but stick with me here, because it might change your life. i wash out my sinuses with a salt solution. the salt inhibits bacteria growth. yes, we’ve all heard of the neti pot, which is a passive way to clear things out – i prefer the squeeze bottle from neilmed since it gives the right amount of pressure to get things moving. and by things, i mean snot. i heard madonna does this every day, and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

green juice should absolutely be an every day thing, but alas, for me, it’s not. i hit up whole foods juice bar for an “ABC, add kale” each day i’m sick, and feel like it gives me a concentrated boost of vitamins to kick this bug!

green tea mixed with a mint tea are what i sip on with a dribble of honey – it’s warm, full of antioxidants, and honey is soothing and anti-inflammatory.

what are your fave remedies? i’ve heard oil of oregano works, but i have yet to try!

i’ll be back here next week, after our move, with fresh content for you. wish us luck!

around here… lately

the sparkle desk

i wish i could show you a photo of our apartment right now, but i wouldn’t dare. any spare moment i’ve had between work and sleep, has been spent packing for our move next weekend… i would much, much rather be doing what that card above says. everyone keeps remarking how ahead of the game i am, but doesn’t feel like it! the best part about moving is definitely the fresh start. we are newlyweds, and i really believe that our new home will truly be ours - when roberto moved in, he moved into my place, and i imagine this new place will bring us even closer.

the sparkle wedding

it was really exciting seeing one of our engagement photos (by sweet life photography) in the new issue of real weddings magazine… can you spot us? (if not, here’s the clipping). also in the issue is an interview with my groom talking wedding planning! was really proud of his advice, and he was a dream during the stressful process, i must say.

the sparkle

was reminded of a pretty event i produced (via my company sparkle media) thanks to this post over on taffete designs. (pretty obsessed with her online party shop, too! those cafe lights are everything – and yes, i’ve already purchased for our new patio!)

have a great rest of your week, and packing advice so appreciated! xx

how to: wear a red lip



red lips can be really daunting for some! you have no idea how many times i try to get everyone into a red lip – usually, they’re shocked by how pretty they look, and how, erm, sexy they feel once they take my advice. i recently created a beauty editorial for glitter guide with this in mind. i grabbed my two fair skinned beauties, christie lohr of style nine to five, and garcy fry of eco diva beauty, to do a red lip three ways tutorial.

(all photos by taya photography)


for ANY red lip, you need the perfect canvas, so prep, prime and swipe with my foolproof guide:


remove any flakes with a lip scrub.


use a thin veil of concealer to neutralize the natural lip color and give staying power


use a lip brush to get those crisp, precise lines (yes, you can skip the lip liner!)


erin – the classic red lip

pair a classic cat eye and enhanced brow with your red lip for a classic, yet modern spin

RED LIPSTICK: lady danger by MAC (an orange-y red)

3 The Sultry Red Lip final

christie – the sultry red lip

add a hint of smokiness to the eye, and rim the waterline with black liner. this is all about a date night or girls evening on the town!

RED LIPSTICK: russian red by MAC (a neutral, deep red)


garcy – the no makeup red lip

pairing the bold lip with a buffed up complexion, and sans mascara is perfect for daytime, and it’s super chic.

RED LIPSTICK: ILIA in Wild Child (a true, bright cherry red)

head over to glitter guide to find out the other products used, and how i achieved each look! i promise… you can wear a red lip!

Final - All Three Lips 1

fall styled shoot

fall fete 6

fall is hands down my fave season. the crispy leaves, warm flavours, and an excuse to cozy up and cuddle under a blanket while the rain pours. jen and i thought it was high time to really enjoy the season, and collaborated with some local vendors to pull together a gorgeous fall styled shoot, or as we call it, a “fall fete”. it’s a little slice of our dreams come to life featuring some of the best in vancouver: photography by blush photography, delish food from cioffi’s market, a sweet cake from sweet bake shop, fanciful calligraphy from love by phoebe, decor items from bespoke decor, styling by taffete designs and blooms from the flower factory, we enjoyed every single moment dining outside, and wrapping up in cozy blankets surrounded by lush gardens (thank you for letting us use your gorgeous backyard, julia!).

it’s always more work than it seems to produce a styled shoot, but it was a lot of fun and i’m so happy with how these images by blush photography turned out!

fall tablescape

see more over on glitter guide today. hover over the images to pin as you please!

fall picnicfall fete 5  fall fete 9 fall fete 3 fall fete 11fall fete fall fete 1 fall fete 2 fall fete 10

my fall uniform

fall uniform 1

i joke that i have certain outfits on repeat… which is actually not a joke at all. i always say i’d be the most boring fashion blogger because i have faves that i stick with day after day, and this fall, when i’m not sleeping, i’m in my camel overcoat, tote, glasses and vampy lips and nails. my wardrobe has become almost free from colour – plenty of black, grey, white and camel… and i’m totally fine with it!

do you have faves you gravitate to again and again?

loafers | coat | bag | glasses | essie bordeaux nail polish | mac fixed on drama lipstick