the benefits of lemon water

lemon water detox

oh, the power of something so simple. the benefits of lemon water are vast. upon waking, i love to get my body revved up and start the elimination process by sipping on warm lemon water as i get ready, and before i caffeinate. warm lemon water alkalizes the body, helps to flush the system of toxins, helping all functions of the body. the skin will glow, you’ll feel less bloated, and have a little boost of energy.

lemon water detox 1

set your kettle to simmer filtered water so it doesn’t get too hot as it heats, and then squeeze half a lemon into the glass. can you use bottled lemon juice? yes, and i do sometimes – it’s much more affordable than buying a lemon for two glasses of water. if you can, go for the organic lemons/lemon juice to keep things as clean as possible. if you’re on the go, use a mason jar to sip while you commute.

try this out for 2 weeks, and see what happens – would love to hear your success stories!


spring makeup favourites


spring? but it’s january! true, but my job is to think ahead and get our makeup bags prepped! a new do it all eyeshadow palette, concealer, lip balm and lipsticks, these are my current favourites.

first up, let’s talk about this most amazing shadow palette. i wrote about too faced chocolate bar shadows on glitter guide recently, and am loving them. the palettes are full of warm, cool, neutrals, shimmers and mattes, all of which are heavily pigmented and velvety. there are two versions, the original, and the semi-sweet, and it’s tough to choose which one i love more! (the chocolate aroma thanks to an infusion of cocoa is actually really yummy – thought it was a weird gimmick at first, but i kinda love it).

mac’s sweet and sour lipstick is a creamy peach that i wear almost daily. it’s neutral enough to work with most skin tones. i’ll often get asked how to choose the perfect lip colour, and the only way is to take some time, go in and try on one after another to find the shades that make your face come to life. a red i’m loving right now, is from the new nars audacious lipstick line. the formula is soft, creamy and deeply pigmented.


nars has been one of my fave make up lines for years – their formulations are always superior. i hadn’t ever tried their concealer, and wow, was i missing out. everything about this product is perfection – the doe foot wand gets just the right amount of product out and on to your skin and the formula while creamy, doesn’t clump or crease and gives the most perfect seamless coverage under the eyes, or on a spot. for those of you with yellow undertones, nars always has a wide range of yellow/golden toned skin products, just a little tip.


glossier is a new fave. the line only ships to the us for now (sorry!), but if you can get your hands on ‘em, you’ll be glad you did. i reach for the balm dot com multiple times a day to use as a lip balm. it’s basic, free from any scent and is the perfect seal to keep my lips supple.

weekend love

sparkle sweet home

the weekend is here, and it couldn’t come soon enough, right? with so much on the go, and being sick for over two weeks now, i’ve been busier than normal, hence the lack of posts. i’m terrible. BUT, i am posting almost daily over on instagram, and if you want to, find me here and sparkle media, here. so much easier to just post on the go on instagram!

have a great weekend and you can count on some new content here next week! xo


around our new home


hello, hello! it’s been a few months (two and a half, actually), and we’re slowly getting settled in and making this place feel like home! i thought it would be fun to share a little bit about what’s going on around here lately! we’re waiting for a new coffee table ottoman, and these tulips are seriously channelling spring. what is it about fresh flowers?!

couch party

i’ve been SO sick for the past two weeks, and when i felt worse than i did at the start of it, i knew i needed a full day of rest. couch party!

quiet night

popcorn is totally my go to evening snack and it feels almost guilt free to nosh on the crunchy, salty kernels, doesn’t it?

sick day cozy

our bed is my fave place in the whole world. it’s always made better with a cup of coffee and some of my fave shows on the macbook.


these babies need to come out to play more often. i was a total kitchen slacker in 2014 and hope to rectify that in the next little bit.


ava got a hair cut and she looks cuter than ever! how can you EVEN with those paws?!

sparkle office 1

my home office is a disaster and i can’t wait to get it all sorted out. bought the paint, and now just need to buy the time! once it’s painted, i can start organizing and settled in. this space will have to double as a nursery when the time comes which should be quite the challenge. can’t wait to do a full home tour when everything is ready!

the perfect bold lip colour

sparkle lipstick

i’ve always been a fan of a bright lip every now and then – bright fuchsia, red, and even hot coral are in my rotation. in one of my recent browsing sessions at mac (where i often spend too much money), i came across this perfectly bright, yet muted, shade that i swear, looks great on everyone. mac’s fashion revival is a purple based berry shade that brightens up my complexion so nicely. it’s very similar to the cult fave ‘rebel’. one coat gives a softer, brighter tone, and doubling up the pigment with a second coat intensifies the depth to almost another colour completely. i like to think of it as a two in one.


paired with a defined eye and bold brows, it’s my new fave.