weekly beauty routine


i’ve gotten so out of the habit of using a weekly mask, but i’m back on board. may lindstrom’s problem solver is my current fave. my mom is here visiting and she’s all about it – anytime she comes to visit, she brings her beauty notes from dr. oz asking for some recommendations (how cute is that?!), so she was up for masking with me.


what i love about this mask is that it’s completely natural, and active. it seriously clarifies my skin like a dream. i always finish off with a dose of an oil (today it was dr. alkaitis for me, and blue cocoon for my mom) to really get those nourishing properties to work at the deepest level. it reminded me to get back into the ritual, and i’ll be applying this each and every sunday!

real life: instagram and common sense

the sparkle

it’s kind of blowing my mind. this world we have created for ourselves. the world of instagram. i had a great chat with a friend of mine last week and it’s been really getting me thinking. let’s get right into it: seriously, how many times have we met someone in real life who is completely different from their instagram profile? i know we all are a little more comfortable behind a screen, but it’s been my experience that quite often, the person you meet, is a strange alter ego. in my blogging life, personal life, and business life (honestly, these three things are very much one), i’m out working, networking and connecting – it’s very social. the deeper of an importance we all put on ‘the numbers’, the more shallow these interactions can get. integrity at times, is bypassed by the number of followers one has. somewhere along the line, the ability to truly connect and to be kind, has left the building. to me, this goes further than the ‘perfect’ life we all portray on instagram, and into the fact that more followers don’t mean a bigger worth. let that sit for a second.

when was the last time you were vulnerable? you listened? were empathetic? how about curious? were kind without expectation? i worry that this digital world has taken some of that away, and left us very self involved and self interested.

while i do try to see the best in people, i’m finding it more difficult to ignore the fact that common courtesy isn’t a big part of the equation anymore. it’s become the norm to check our phones during a face to face chat, to flake and to be overly self involved (it’s always refreshing to have a two sided convo, isn’t it?). i can see the problem, but do i have a solution? i wish i did. unfortunately (and fortunately), we are all only accountable for our own behaviours. nothing beats a warm conversation with a friend, a laugh, and a day of being disconnected. it’s not only good for the psyche, but for soul. i’m totally writing from the heart here, without a well thought out message in mind, and would love to hear what you have to say. feel free to vent in the comments below, friends!

p.s: i’ve gotten into snapchat and am documenting life’s BTS not-so-perfect and pretty personal moments there, so come find me: erincsousa

easy summer pavlova

Photo May 10, 7 31 46 PM (1)

i promise if you present this at any dinner party, your crowd will oooo and ahhh – little will they know that it took you 5 minutes to make! if you haven’t noticed, i’m all about the quick solutions when it comes to entertaining these days.

this has to be my absolute fave summer dessert (or, anytime of the year, really). it’s so gorgeous to look at, beyond simple to make, and delish. i love the mixute of textures with the crunchy meringue, creamy whip, and seedy berries.

Photo May 10, 7 32 42 PM

pavlova can be made from scratch, or, with a little life hack. buy your meringues and save yourself a few hours! i get mine from a good quality bakery, and then just top with whipped cream (the perfect whipped cream has a bit of sugar and pure vanilla extract, whipped in to soft, not firm, peaks) and your favourite berries, with mint for a little colour.

whole foods beauty

Photo May 06, 2 33 50 PM

ever strolled the beauty section at whole foods? i’ve been a fan for years and a few products are secret weapons for me. a lot of what you find is more on the natural side, depending on what you choose, of course. it’s easy to overlook these products, because they aren’t as glam, but they work so well, and the pricepoint is wonderful.

whole foods 365 everyday value conditioner is a staple in our shower! it’s super light, and rinses clean. the pricepoint is also perfect. win!

alba botanica is a line i’ve used for years, and love their body oils. i decided to try out their (yummy smelling) coconut lime shave cream to get into the habit of shaving my legs again (ha!). love, love.

kiss my face lavender shea has been the only thing (for years) my husband will shave with and he buys it in bulk once a sale hits.

Photo May 06, 2 33 20 PM

speaking of sales, from friday, may 8 through sunday, may 10, whole foods market is offering 25% OFF all cosmetics. additionally, whole foods is hosting their annual 25% OFF whole body one day sale on saturday, may 9. this means you receive an additional 25% off those products during their cosmetic sale.

if you pop over to instagram, i’m giving one person a $50 whole foods gift card to buy a haul of your fave products!

cinco de mayo clean margarita


i have a special affection for mexican food – lime and cilantro are two of my fave flavours and fresh salsa is always in our fridge. i regularly am searching for the city’s best taco (still haven’t found it!), and the margarita and i have a well documented love affair.

sweet drinks aren’t my jam anymore (hello, killer two-day hangover), so i’ve concocted this tasty cinco de mayo clean margarita. what makes it clean? no sugar, and high quality tequila! here’s how i made these that will christen our patio, and will be a fave far past may 5th!


cinco de mayo clean margarita

2oz 100% agave tequila (like patron silver)
1.5oz fresh lime juice
drizzle light agave nectar
lime wedges for garnish
ice cubes
flaked sea salt


rim the edge of your glass with flaked sea salt. combine all ingredients in your glass, and add a few ice cubes (this helps dilute this rather strong drink!). now, go make another and call it a party! (tip: the lime quality is super important here, so when you are choosing them at the store, look for those with soft, smooth skins, and are a little soft when you squeeze them as they will yield more juice. keep your limes out of the fridge to have them ready to juice at a moment’s notice… the best parties are spontaneous, after all!) xx