cupcakes for breakfast

desk scene

happy weekend! it’s friday, so i had a cupcake for breakfast – oh yes, i did! definitely the benefit of throwing a ‘sweet’ grand opening party last night! (here’s what i’m talkin’ about). it’s labour day weekend which signifies the end of summer –  i’m happy to see fall get there… it’s my fave season! especially after the most eventful summer of my life, i’m ready to sink back into my zone.

i just wanted to stop in and give you some love. have a wonderful weekend, and i’ll see you back here next week? x

wedding week beauty prep

wedding week beauty

calling all brides to be! leading up to my wedding, i was stressed about a lot of things, and one of them was definitely looking my best. there’s so much pressure to look like “the most beautiful bride ever” – glowing, ethereal, like the best version of yourself. no big deal, right?  read more…


overnight oats: easiest breakfast ever

overnight oats

i’ve been on such a bad girl kick lately. after the wedding, i enjoyed some serious foodie indulgences. i’ll blame it on the fact that prior to the wedding, everything i put into my mouth was accompanied by serious guilt and worry about fitting into my dress, so after our nuptials, all gloves were off.

well, here’s a shocker: eating like crap makes you feel like crap. mornings are hectic for me and i oftentimes don’t get around to eating breakfast until 11am (yes, horrible, i know!). frantic emails, task lists etc. leave me at the end of my to-do list, and at that point i reach for toast and peanut butter, or worse, go straight into lunch. smoothies feel too fussy sometimes (that said, if you’re looking for one, this is my fave), and it makes sense to get a healthy breakfast prepped before bed for the next day.

overnight oats are super easy, healthy and perfect for on the go (like those mornings i’m rushing to an early meeting!). thanks to my husband (eee, still weird) for turning me on to this one.


1/2 cup slow cook or steel cut oats (sub for gluten free if you want, but try to go organic)
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup chia seed
1tbsp coconut oil
sprinkle cinnamon
drizzle honey

seal in a mason jar, shake, and leave in the fridge overnight. i like to heat mine a bit in the morning (zap in the micro for 45 seconds). top with whatever you want… banana, nuts, dried fruit. coconut shavings are a fave around these parts. voila! grab and go, no dirty dishes, you’re full for hours.


things you need to know about


i’m always so impressed by peers that are following their passions and dreams, and especially love to share with you when i’m also passionate about what they are doing!

victoria mcginley’s blog vmac and cheese has always been a fave read for me, and i’ve guest posted there a few times. over the years we’ve become buds and i’m really excited about the next chapter in her career! she recently launched her slick new site and it’s of course, gorgeous. don’t fear, her blog is still there and as fantastic as always – such an inspiration full of resources and thoughtful reads. well done, v! (that’s her beautiful image above!)


my friend bria recently launched a wonderful photoshop bootcamp. digital darlings (seriously, how cute is that name?) helps beginners get to know their way around the complex world is photoshop. brilliant!

launching in vancouver this september, with the possibility to expand to a city near you, had it been around at the beginning of my blogging life, i would have been a lot more efficient! understanding the fundamentals (and beyond) of photoshop is so useful to your hobby blogging, photo editing and your day job; it’s also the basis for launching your own thing. photoshop ability was essential when i created my own logo, business cards, website and graphics. find out more, including the surprising affordability, here.


the blossom and the bee


the other day, i was reflecting on my year… in the shower, of course, because isn’t that where the best thinking happens? why is that? i digress. what a year it has been for me, and my little family.

a little secret is that i’ve never been a goal setter, per se. i’m not a personality to go with the flow in my day to day (deadlines, schedules, commitments!), but overall, i totally am. i believe strongly that each experience, good, or bad, leads you to the next, just the way it should. for instance, did i ever think a year ago, when i was laid off of my job (here’s the story), and just dating roberto, at the same time a year later i’d own my own business and we’d be newlyweds? never! what a difference a year makes when you really give it a go.

it’s so important to trust your intuition, and to stay driven and ambitious, but to not compare yourself against some random goal you think will bring your ultimate happiness. it’s important to develop various parts of yourself to understand what you are good at, why it makes you happy, and what you find value in. today, with instagram showing us the perceived success of all our peers, these peeks into others lives makes it easy to say why not me, now?

that’s why i simply adore this quote. allow yourself to bloom, and you will draw in exactly what you need to truly flourish.

the bee and the flower

this year was a doozie. i:

(in order)

was laid off my job (more about that whole thing, here)
started my own marketing and public relations business
got engaged
grew my business
planned a full wedding
got married

all of those things, on paper, seem simple enough, but they are all huge, and not always painless. i’ve been scared, nervous, worried (nothing like starting a business and executing a wedding to cause serious money stress), proud, elated, sad, empowered. i’ve questioned myself, my own motives, values, ability and truth. this was all normal, and everything i went through took bravery and a few mini-meltdowns (sorry, hubs, ok, yes, some major ones, too). what i’m getting at is that anything worth having is hard work, and no matter what people portray, there’s a heck of a lot going on behind the scenes they would rather not share.

hitting the one year mark of sparkle media, i’ve learned what to focus on, what matters, how running a business actually works (i.e. how much admin and project management time you really spend – sheesh!), and how to be a b-o-s-s. no, not a “lady boss”, a “#girlboss”, but a boss, people!

i’m not sure what this post is really about, but i just wanted to let you know that if you’re fearful, overwhelmed, scared about taking the next step in your career, life, love, or anything really, it’s normal and ok to feel it… but just believe in what you are meant to be, and forge your own path. then, wait for the bee, because it will buzz around when you bloom.