The Juice Cleanse for People Who Like to Eat

krokodile pear juice cleanse

I am seriously terrible at self control when it comes to food, and I always struggle with any juice cleanse I’ve done in the past. Telling me I’m not allowed to eat will almost immediately make me want to do it more. In terms of “cleanses”, I’ve also not been a fan, but I do think it’s good practice to give the digestive system a rest, and packing your body with nutrition. I also love to eat. That’s why I’m a huge fan of this juice and salad cleanse that Krokodile Pear and Culver City Salads has rolled out!

krokodile pear juice cleanse 1

Included in the juice x salad cleanse are 2 cold pressed juices, 1 green smoothie, 1 almond and Brazil nut milk, and 2 delicious raw vegan salads per day. At only $50 a day, it’s an awesome option for those of us who simply want a reset (hand up!) without a huge commitment. I think it’s perfect if you’re busy, or feeling dull, and you can do it for one day, three days, or like, a week (props if you can!). It’s also a wonderful nutrient dense addition to a regular diet, which is more along the lines of how I included it into my day to day. Order it for pick up or delivery via the website, and you’re all set up.

Do you think this is the cleanse for you?

How to Style Shelves

Shelfie 2

A good bookshelf isn’t only for books anymore. Shelving is a great way to showcase your decor, and styling your shelving, whether it’s a bookcase, built-in (like my unit) or floating shelves, is a bit of an art. Want to nail the perfect Instagram ready #shelfie? These fundamentals will be your guide to making your space feel special. I shared my how to style shelves tips with the popular website, BC Living (where I am a regular contributor), and I also wanted to share them with you here!

Blank Canvas


Start with a blank slate. Remove everything from your shelving to start fresh.


Choose your colour palette and then stay within it to avoid a messy look. I’ve gone with whites, golds, and hits of colour. But you could be going for a more rustic look with warm woods and raw ceramics. Pull inspiration from your personal decor style.


I like to remove the sleeves from books to reveal their beautiful hard covers. A combination of stacking your books, as well as leaning them, will create a nice flow.

Group of 3


As you begin to style your shelves, start with the larger items as they will anchor the space. Groupings of three create attractive vignettes that draw the eye. Is it beautiful, sentimental or functional? These are questions to ask yourself when you’re deciding what to include on your shelves


Layer in textures. I’ve used a marble cheese board against the back wall, and placed staggered items in front of the piece. This technique creates depth and a high-end feel.

Shelfie 1


Add in fresh or silk flowers in a bud vase (succulents make perfect shelf plants as long as you have lots of sunlight available) for that pretty pop of freshness


Now it’s time for your smaller objects and decor! Accessories are what will really bring it together. My favourites include a pretty candle, some raw quartz and vases.

Shelfie 4

Sources: Vancouver Candle Co. in Fairview | Pineapple | Books: Love and Lemons, Lauren Conrad Celebrate, Simply Nigella | Cake stand (small)

The Perfect Party Backdrop


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with flowers. Our home is always brimming with them, and I believe that fresh cut floral brings life to a space! It can be an expensive habit, but can you really put a price on happiness (ok, don’t answer that!).

On Glitter Guide, I shared by DIY that is perfect for spring. This blooming floral piece is so simple to do, and makes a really pretty backdrop for a shower, birthday, or get together! It really is the perfect party backdrop.

Here’s how I did it:

Buy loose flower stems from your florist, and trim them, leaving ample stem and leaves as those will be used to fasten to the twine. I’ve used peonies, ranunculus, quince in shade of pink

Floral 4

Using washi tape (it’s cute, and will peel off easily), tape twine to the wall with plenty of slack in the middle – you’ll need to slack to twist around the stems

Starting on one side, place the florals against the twine, and simply twist the twine around the stem in between the leaves. This will secure them well, but work cautiously as you move to the next. Stand back and check out your work – do you want more bounty, or prefer a simpler result? Have fun with it!

Floral 3

Keep in mind, the flowers have no water source, so they will wilt, therefore, don’t put this up too far in advance!

Floral 1

Ikea Bedroom Hack

ikea hack 1

We recently got a new bed (from Rothman & Co.), and the larger frame made it essential for us to replace our larger bedside tables with something more sleek. Enter our IKEA bedroom hack! It takes us forever to pull the trigger on new furniture, but sometimes, you find a gem at IKEA and snap it up! The bedside tables have more to them than you think – the drawer has internal shelves, along with a space in the back to feed through charger cords, therefore, hiding them inside. Our old beside tables had no drawers, and clutter was a serious issue. No one needs to see our vitamin bottles, right?!

The table on its own can look a little basic, so I wanted to add a special knob to it. I used raw quartz knobs on my recent dresser hack on Glitter Guide, and fell in love with them. I sourced out smaller and more affordable ones from Anthropologie, and they make the perfect detail. To add them on, R just drilled a hole, and fastened them in. Nothing more to it then that!

ikea hack

I just love making a piece one of a kind. These are now not only space savers, and a perfect little piece of decor all our own!

My Heart: Insecurity


I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had a really good check in, hasn’t it? I don’t even really know where to start! It’s always hard for me to broach deeper topics on this blog. That’s for many reasons… being vulnerable is tough, thinking about who is reading it, and does getting real REAL make me sound… weak?

For the past few years I’ve been running my company Sparkle Media and it’s evolved in a big way over these three years. Trends have changed, and we offer non-traditional PR with an emphasis on creating compelling content and forming a brand’s lifestyle. I love what I do, but that’s not to say that doubt doesn’t happen, and this sometimes causes feelings of insecurity.

I’ve decided that it’s time to get a little more unfiltered. This is going to be a new series on the blog called My Heart.

Over the last bit, I’ve gotten so worried about being judged, what others will think, and how I’m portraying myself. When I feel like that, I know it’s time for me to just open the flood gates with you. I do believe that we all have a guard up when it comes to exposing our soft spots… I’m always seeking out people I can be real with, and when I can, they have my heart.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about insecurity.

Man, just putting that out there is super challenging, yet it’s something that we all deal with, and it definitely connects us all. Insecurity can make you act in a way that isn’t always yourself. Jealousy, anger, being overly judgmental, snide comments, etc. are not a good look, and they will bring you down, making you not only feel worse, but also guilty. Here are just a few of my thoughts on the feelings of insecurity, as well as pushing past them with intent.

And hey, I don’t have all the answers, but I feel that it’s an important dialogue for women to have. So let’s talk about it, shall we?

Living room


I do believe some insecurity comes from the way we compare ourselves to others. Thanks to social media, this happens all the time, and not just on a personal level, but on a professional one as well. Living in a world where we are inundated with knowing exactly what everyone is succeeding with 24/7 is enough to bring out that big monster of insecurity.

Insecurity about skill, how we are doing in relation to others, ability, and outcome of work can all be issues I struggle with, and I know I’m not alone in this. If I’m feeling particularly challenged, I’ll always seek out a pep talk from my hubs or a close friend – they can often put my thoughts into perspective (and hey, having a wingman/hype girl is always helpful!)


Insecurity can create a source of anxiety without even knowing it. Seeing the speed at which the world moves (again, thanks to social media!), can trigger insecurity, and lack of focus. Running around not accomplishing anything because your eyes aren’t on your prize means that we aren’t being productive, and therefore creating a feeling of anxiety. The busier I’ve gotten, I’ve realized that scaling back and finding the balance on focusing on what’s making me an income, versus opportunities that will help build my personal/business brand (notice the slash there because they are very much the same in my world), and then those that build my professional portfolio, and hobbies, is important. Things get out of whack when I’m focusing on any one thing too much, and I always check myself to check the source of my feelings causing these actions. If it’s insecurity, I recalibrate.


Daily, I deal with the word NO. Clients that aren’t keen on an idea, pitches that fall on deaf ears, things that just don’t work out the way I want them to. If I let any of that define me or effect my confidence, I’d be a mess. I’d never get out of bed. I’ve learned over the years to remove my ego from it, and to compartmentalize. What does that mean? It means to remember that your idea isn’t always amazing just because it’s your OWN. It’s not always all about you. I learn to grow and adapt from every time an idea doesn’t land the way I want it to. And then, I leave it at that, and don’t let insecurity creep in since that would effect my ability to share my ideas next time.


Being resilient is always the most important factor to success. Continue to push yourself, trust the process, the timing of your success, and keep working hard on what you are good at. Remember, hearing a NO just means you’re one step closer to a YES. Keep in mind… no one can make you feel inferior without your consent (thanks, Eleanor!); you have the choice on how you deal with feelings when they come up, and bouncing back is always the best option. And hey, when something isn’t working, maybe it is you, and it’s time to go back to the drawing board for a tweak. Just don’t judge yourself about it, ok?